The Trader Joe's Classic That Reddit Swears By

In 2021, Trader Joe's ranked among the top grocery retailers in the U.S., according to Progressive Grocer. The California-based chain has been a fan favorite for decades, selling unique, convenient, and affordable goods to customers from all walks of life. From fresh fruits and veggies to quick and easy entrées, and from sweet and salty snacks to spice blends, home supplies, and everything in-between, Trader Joe's is often considered a one-stop-shop for weekend runs. The brand's loyalists are constantly blessed with limited-edition seasonal stock and its mainstays continue to be tossed into carts.

As opposed to spending hours in the kitchen preparing the star of the show, there is one particular product you can find in the fresh section of your local Trader Joe's that will help you create a gourmet meal or savory hors d'oeuvre in mere minutes. Hint: It has a melt-in-your-mouth texture and is a mega-flavorful ingredient in various cuisines around the world.

Customers love Trader Joe's pork belly

The tender, lightly seasoned, crispy pork belly from Trader Joe's is a hot seller. In fact, dozens of Redditors have chimed in on the Trader Joe's subreddit to praise the fully cooked, ready-to-serve pork belly. The conversation, which began with the simple question, "Has anyone tried pork belly?" spurred dozens of positive testimonials and cooking tips from users, including one that says, "One of my always buys! I usually cut it into cubes and sear with onions for Japanese curry, or toss in the air fryer for ramen. I think cubing it makes it sear better and then you can cook everything else in the fat. Yummmm." Another user contributed that it's "stupid easy [to cook] in [an] air fryer."

As far as supplying tasty recipe ideas, Trader Joe's-loving Redditors definitely showed up. "It's excellent!! I use it as a char siu substitute when I make ramen," one individual wrote. They added that they "make pork belly buns with it... a little hoisin, sliced cukes and some cilantro on a Chinese steamed bun. All delicious!" The official Trader Joe's website also offers a solid selection of recipes that call for its products, including ones for kale and crispy pork belly and grilled romaine hearts.