The Food Network Show Reddit Thinks Has Too Much Drama

It's safe to assume that multiple shows on Food Network rack up at least a few loyal fans, but even wildly successful cable channels miss the mark sometimes. The fact that Food Network's programming so thoroughly runs the gamut of premise, setting, and vibe might be partly due to the brand's understanding of the eclectic interests of its viewers. But it can also afford to lose a few ratings now and then. Consider how many Food Network shows have been canceled over the years, including popular ones like "Ace of Cakes" and "Restaurant: Impossible" — there's clearly plenty of room for turnaround and some pretty bad decisions in the Food Network-verse.  

If you ask a particular group of Reddit users, the latest season of one Food Network competition show has been getting way too much air time — and no, we're not talking about Guy Fieri's newest show that (also) has Reddit changing the channel

The Great Food Truck Race isn't so great, according to Reddit

Now in its 10th season, "The Great Food Truck Race" follows nine proprietors of up-and-coming mobile eateries as they battle for the chance to win a $50,000 grand prize (via the Food Network website). Despite the show's tenure, viewers took to a thread on the r/foodnetwork subreddit board this week to voice complaints about the latest episodes. 

"They're really hungry to draw viewers in with 'characters' and over the top drama," begins the thread. This year's contestants — which include trucks like Baby Got Mac, Brunch Babes, and Sol Food Collective — are real-life owners of food trucks, but evidently, some viewers think the show's producers are souping up their personas a little too hard. "The show is almost unwatchable now because of the fake drama and pandering, and the knowledge that a very good food truck is likely to go home instead of one of the chucklefreaks," writes one user. "This season is jumping the shark," another agrees. 

On top of that, some Redditors think the producers unfairly favored newly minted food truck owners for the season, denying stalwart mobile businesses a chance to compete. "None of these people care about food or know how to cook," writes the thread creator. "It's about performance and being on camera for them." That may sound harsh, but Redditors aren't the only people who feel this way about the new season; Twitter users @DocNanna and @thrllsnsplls seemingly agreed on both counts.