The Unexpected Food Brand That Just Partnered With Zac Efron

These days, if a food or beverage company does not come along with its own celebrity endorsement, it might be seen as behind the tide. Beyond Meat recently partnered with Kim Kardashian, naming her its Chief Taste Consultant, and before that, Q Mixers and Joel McHale beat her to the punch when the actor agreed to serve as its Chief Happy Hour Officer. And while Joel McHale acting the fun bartender seems to make a lot of sense, Kim Kardashian's involvement with Beyond Meat may be a bit more questionable as she's usually more a fashion and celeb tastemaker than a food one.

This leads us to the latest celeb food collab people definitely did not see coming: Zac Efron and Kodiak. It's hard to believe that someone who takes as much pride in fitness as Zac Efron would indulge in pancakes, a food high in carbs and sometimes sugar, but let's face it, if he were to eat any brand of the tasty breakfast treat, a better-for-you brand like Kodiak would be his balanced choice.

Zac Efron's collaboration is Instagram official

Zac Efron recently took to Instagram to tease his new partnership with Kodiak. In his video, he lightly parodies his Netflix series "Down to Earth with Zac Efron," a show in which he "journeys around the world with wellness expert Darin Olien in search of healthy, sustainable ways to live." For Kodiak, Efron is shown cooking up some pancakes in the wild with only a bear as company, telling the bear he would be a Kodiak fan largely because of the brand's mascot. He pairs the video with a caption announcing he has become the chief brand officer for Kodiak, explaining how much he loves "this brand, their products, and most of all their mission."

According to the company's press release, Efron is not just a pretty face but is going to be hands-on, helping to "put his unique spin on new product innovations, brand strategy, national brand campaigns, and Kodiak's giving-back initiatives." As Efron notes, "My fast-paced lifestyle requires the right food and a good amount of protein, which is why I love Kodiak's products." Time will tell how this will develop, although we never do get to see him taking a bite of the pancakes himself in that clip. Now, we're just curious what toppings other than syrup Efron puts on his pancakes.