Taco Bueno Just Added The Ultimate Tex-Mex Mashup Menu Item

Sometimes, it's tough to decide on what to eat. But when you're split between two of your favorite meals, instead of picking one for dinner, why not put them together to create the best of both worlds? Taco Bueno just announced that it's marrying two dishes into one to make a brand-new Tex-Mex menu item.

This week, the Dallas-based chain issued a press release unveiling a quesadilla-burger mashup called the Quesadilla Burrrger. As expected, the entree item has plenty of cheese and other toppings you'd find on burgers and quesadillas. The announcement explains that the Quesadilla Burrrger will be available for a limited time at participating locations, but there's not yet a clear end date for the promotion. As for what's inside? This marriage of beloved dishes may remind fast food fans of Taco Bell's Quesarito, in which a quesadilla wraps up a beef, rice, and cheese burrito. While the Quesadilla Burrrger has a few ingredients in common with the Taco Bell classic, it also has its own unique fillings.

What's in Taco Bueno's new Quesadilla Burrrger?

Quesadillas and burgers are pretty customizable when it comes to ingredients, so you might be wondering what exactly goes inside Taco Bueno's new creation. According to the chain's press release, the quesadilla is sandwiched with beef, which isn't surprising since that's the core ingredient of a thick, juicy burger. Besides the meat, the quesadilla-burger medley comes with pico de gallo, guacamole, lettuce, queso, and a chipotle ranch dressing spiked with Cholula. All of this comes between a "bun" of two cheese-filled quesadillas.

While quesadillas and burgers are quite popular on their own, it looks like there have been mixed reactions to Taco Bueno's Quesadilla Burrrger. On the restaurant's Instagram post about the item, one commenter said it "looks disgusting," while a Twitter user shared that they plan to try it. If you're a fan of Tex-Mex, will you be trying the Quesadilla Burrrger? Otherwise, you can always enjoy the cuisine at home. This slow cooker Tex-Mex meatballs recipe will make you the star of your summer cookout.