The Cooking Robot You'll Wish You Could Own

If you grew up watching "The Jetsons," you likely wished that your family had a flying car or a dog that could almost talk. The adults who were watching with you likely had their eyes on something else — a robot that could make menial chores a thing of the past. Yes, Rosey was the envy of every woman in the three-dimensional world. When Jane Jetson entered U-Rent A Maid and left with an old demo, Rosey, it made everyone a little more dreamy and starry-eyed about what the not-so-far-off future had in store for us (via YouTube). Could an ordinary family, someday, have a robot of their very own? 

Robots are already taking on some of our more onerous tasks. For example, Statista estimated that by 2019 there were between 15 and 17 million robotic vacuum cleaners in American households. The Gladwell Gecko will make your windows sparkle, leaving your maid free to say, "I don't do windows." The Landroid will mow your lawn while you get on with enjoying your weekend. Your new buddy, Budgee, will follow you while lugging the things you don't want to carry. And when it comes to bringing home take-out, robots are quietly taking over fast food.    

Yes, things that were once the domain of science fiction, cartoons, and our wildest dreams are gradually becoming a reality. If only there was a robot willing to take on the tedious task of cooking at home.  

This robot can cook over 5,000 recipes

It turns out that you may have a cooking robot in your kitchen sooner than you think. Mark Oleynik, the founder of Moley Robotics, has developed a prototype that has learned how to create culinary masterpieces by shadowing top-notch chefs (per Moley Robotics). And the coolest part is that their goal is to, eventually, be able to produce the robots for a price point that would appeal to the middle class. While it may still be some time before Moley arrives in a residence near you, it's a huge step closer to becoming a reality than it was when you were watching the Jetson family whip around Orbit City. 

Equipped with a pair of skillful hands and a series of sensors and cameras, Moley can use a full range of utensils and appliances, completely prepare a meal, plate it beautifully, and clean up after itself (via New Atlas). Yes, this is the personal chef of your dreams. In fact, the Robb Report adds that Moley can create over 5,000 different recipes, which is quite incredible considering that back in 2017, it had only mastered one — crab bisque. While the article goes on to admit that it cannot currently peel a potato or dice veggies, who knows what it will learn in the future? After all, look at how many recipes it added to its repertoire in just a few short years. The robot can even crack an egg perfectly

Moley comes with its own tools

One of the coolest features that Moley offers, according to the company site, is that you can record yourself making your favorite dish, so that the robot can mimic you at a later date. Yes! You can, finally, offload that meal you hate to make to a trusty, uncomplaining robot. You may never have to stir another vegan mushroom risotto again.  

While the Moley kitchen is currently out of reach for the vast majority, bearing a current price tag of roughly $338,000, the Robb Report reminds users that it is much more than just a robot. These robotic arms come with their own utensils, appliances, and cabinets. You can also customize the look of your cooking space with top-quality trims and finishes while you're at it. And, unlike the robots of Hollywood movies, Moley is not seeking to overthrow you and make the kitchen its domain. You can step in and whip up a meal anytime you wish. 

Admittedly, Moley does fall short of the Jetson's beloved Rosey, with the absence of eyes, the ability to go from place to place, and an actual personality, but it's one giant leap for mankind. And anyone who loathes the kitchen.