What Is Hersheypark's 'Chocolatier Experience' Really Like?

If you're being serenaded by singing cows about the wonders of milk chocolate, chances are you're in Hersheypark. If you're sitting out the aftereffects of an intense roller coaster and are greeted by a giant dancing Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, you may be in Hersheypark. If you've found yourself with a bag full of Hershey's Chocolate, you're either a chocoholic or you just strolled out of the Hersheypark gift shop. 

Joining the ranks of other such famous parks like Paisley Park or Central Park, Hershey combines America's love for chocolate and thrill rides into one sprawling Pennsylvania amusement park. Unsurprisingly, this makes for a pretty popular combination. USA Today placed Hersheypark in the top 10 Best Amusement Parks in the nation back in 2021. With the York Daily Record describing a crowd of three million park-goers every year visiting everything from Chocolate World to the park itself, Hershey has been working to keep its park growing in time with the demands of a thrill-seeking, chocolate-loving crowd.

One of these endeavors to cater to the public is The Chocolatier.  At first glance, it may sound like an interactive experience where you step into the shoes of a Hershey's factory worker, but The Chocolatier is actually a restaurant and bar located within the park grounds. For those who may never have been to Hersheypark, you'd probably be wondering if it's simple chocolate-themed bar food or something a bit more high-concept — or if it's even good at all.

The Chocolatier combines bar dining with candy

Before we discuss The Chocolatier itself, it's important to note that you don't need to purchase a park ticket to dine in the restaurant. According to Attractions Magazine's review of The Chocolatier, the restaurant can be accessed from the Hershey Park Supply Company before the gates.

Attraction Magazine describes The Chocolatier as being filled with mementos of Hersheypark history, from reclaimed seats from Hershey Arena to lights in the shape of roller coasters. The most notable feature of The Chocolatier is the Carrousel Bar, named after the park's famous carrousel that the restaurant looks over. Here, patrons can enjoy cocktails and drinks inspired by Hershey products, such as Reese's Peanut Butter Cup-infused old fashioneds and Jolly Rancher Martinis. As for the food and atmosphere itself, it would seem that people are a bit mixed. OpenTable reviews went from praising the restaurant and the food to leaving less-than-glowing remarks.

"Everything was great from the food to the service. We'll definitely be back!" said one reviewer. "Great service. Beautiful views of the park. Amazing shakes!" praised another. "I felt rushed to order and the food was okay, but definitely not worth the price we paid," was the lukewarm review of a third visitor who ended her review by stating that the drinks were at least "good."

Ultimately, the park and its restaurants appear to be a lot of fun, and they might just possess some of the most outrageous theme park desserts ever — in the best way possible, of course.