7-Eleven Now Has A New Boneless Wing Flavor

When you're on a road trip, rolling up to a well-stocked convenience store like 7-Eleven can feel like hitting the jackpot. While some road trip stops only offer a semi-clean bathroom and a small selection of snacks, 7-Eleven has a wide variety of food and drinks. The infamous store's hot food selection is nothing to turn your nose up at and saves the extra trip to the drive-thru. In fact, one Redditor boldly claimed that they like 7-Eleven food more than some fast-food chains, and a few other Redditors agreed. "Their spicy jumbo bite hot dog literally sustained me through college," replied one fan. "7-eleven food goes HARD. It's came into clutch for me too many times when I'm traveling," said another Redditor. 

The hot foods at the convenience store do overlap with fast food favorites, like the chicken sandwich, pizza, chicken strips, and mini tacos (via 7-Eleven's official website). Although the classics like pepperoni pizza are a top-selling items at 7-Eleven, the late-night snack destination is not afraid to innovate (via USA Today). The convenience store's latest boneless wing flavor features a flavor that is definitely trending right now, and we are here for it.

Hot Honey Boneless Wings have arrived just in time for summer

People love the spicy-sweet flavor of hot honey so much that its popularity grew by 187% between 2016 and 2020 (via QSR). 7-Eleven also hopped on the trend recently when the convenience store added Hot Honey Boneless Wings to its summer menu. The crispy chicken pieces are coated in a sauce featuring a sweet honey chili glaze, roasted garlic, and chili pepper for a balanced bite (via PR Newswire). These flavorful bites will surely break up the monotony of any road trip or serve as a satisfying late-night snack. 

To make this release even more exciting, 7-Eleven is offering everyone 16 Boneless Wings for $5 in-store for a limited time (via PR Newswire). Of course, there's also something extra special for the 7-Eleven regulars who are part of the 7Rewards loyalty program. Members of the loyalty program can get eight boneless wings for $2.99, also for a limited time. Hopefully, this new flavor is as tasty as it sounds and it does not end up on the list of food that you should never buy at 7-Eleven.