Why Reddit Is In Awe Of A German Chipotle Location

If you think the idea of Chipotle being in the fast food world of chicken strip baskets, waffle fries, and multi-flavored blizzards sounds off, your intuition is correct. Instead, the restaurant falls into a category known as "fast-casual" (via CNBC). meaning that it offers a primarily convenience-based service but with higher caliber food and a slightly more polished dine-in restaurant experience.

Chipotle's status can probably be accredited to owner Steve Ells' original hope to one day start a high-end restaurant. However, while Ells' dream to be the proud founder of a fine-dining establishment did not succeed, Chipotle's dedication to serving fresh food was, as stated by Ellis in a Food Business News interview, the result of wanting to make luxury dining's ingredients more accessible.

Despite a few challenges along the way, such as customers contracting norovirus, salmonella, and E. coli from different Chipotle locations in 2015 (per Time), Chipotle recently opened its 3000th restaurant (via CNN Business) and, per Restaurant Business Online, has expanded to Europe. But a video posted of one Chipotle location in Germany has prompted Reddit users to wonder why the Chipotles in the U.S. can't be more like this international version.

Reddit can't get over the design of one of Germany's Chipotles

The land of sausage vending machines and the famous folk festival Oktoberfest now has two Chipotle locations in Frankfurt according to the restaurant chain's website. The video that had Reddit users drooling over one of the German locations did not specify which of the two it was filmed in. Posted under r/Chipotle, the video is a slow pan of one of the German Chipotles from behind the counter. It shows the main burrito-making station as absolutely spotless with containers deep enough to hold a hefty amount of ingredients.

Some users noted this particular Chipotle's spacious counters and extra salsa capacity. One wrote, "The amount of space over on salsa makes me SO jealous! There's so much room to roll a burrito 😍." Another stated, "this is so beautiful. full spaces for the salsas 🥺🥺." Other Redditors admired the design of the restaurant. One apparent Chipotle employee posted, "How do I transfer? 😭 That store is gorgeous." A Redditor on the thread even directly compared the German-based Chipotle with those in America, writing "i'm so mad that this is so beautiful and where i work isn't." If you can't hop on a plane to Germany to admire this location, QSR reports that Chipotle has taken to the metaverse to launch the Chipotle Burrito Builder on Roblox.