The Simple Way Bobby Flay Makes Bacon Even Better

Bacon is a special food. There is something about its smells and salty, crunchy goodness that can get your taste buds going with the mere thought of it. According to Sentient Media, we aren't shy about our love for this pork. The outlet noted that Statista's research discovered 268 million people living in the United States nibbled on a little bacon in 2020. Additionally, 16.39 million Americans admitted to frying up and eating five pounds or more of this meat on an annual basis. The only conclusion we can draw with any certainty from these numbers is that Americans love bacon.

We like it on our cheeseburgers, alongside our omelets, crumbled on our wedge salads, and in any dish that needs a little flavor enhancement. Bacon is perfect, yet leave it to Bobby Flay to find a way to make it even better. The "Iron Chef" shared in both a BBQ Brawl video and his book, "Bobby at Home: Fearless Flavors From My Kitchen" that there is a simple, yet delicious addition you can use with bacon that will give it both a savory and sweet taste. And once you try it, there may be no going back.

Bobby Flay suggests trying a glaze

Bobby Flay explained that if you want to improve upon a meat that is already perfect, add a glaze. The grill master wrote, "I started glazing bacon when I wrote my book 'Brunch @ Bobby's' several years ago. Up until that time, I just baked it on its own — I never thought I needed to mess with a good thing." We can all agree with that, but Flay explains it just took that one time for his change of heart, saying, "Boy, let me tell you — was I ever wrong about that. Glazing bacon with something sweet like maple syrup, sorghum syrup, or pomegranate molasses (one of my favorite ingredients) creates the ultimate salty-sweet indulgence. I almost never serve bacon without a glaze anymore. I am guessing after you try this, you won't, either."

While Flay likes the sweet, he also likes to keep those simple glazes on the spicy side. During his BBQ Brawl appearance, Flay shared that spicy honey or molasses with some chili peppers can also make for a yummy glaze (via YouTube). Flay is not alone in his feelings for glazed bacon. King Arthur Baking Company suggests creating candied bacon with brown sugar or maple syrup and then crumbling it up in your pastry or cookie dough for added flavor and texture. Sounds sizzling sweet to us!