Target Hits A Bullseye With Its New Ready-Made Margaritas

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No one can argue that retail giant Target is out of touch with its audience. From the Hearth & Hand decor and lifestyle line created exclusively for the chain by tastemaker Joanna Gaines to the store's own budget line of Target wines, it's obvious that the company knows who it's catering to. Per Business Insider, that target audience is chock-full of white women, age 39 (average), married, and with a household income of around $80,000 per year to burn on throw pillows, scented candles, and the like.

Now, the retail juggernaut is set to rock its customer base's margarita-loving world, thanks to the launch of its pre-mixed Casa Cantina wine cocktails. For shoppers, that means no more fumbling with blenders or juicers. Instead, Target takes care of the bartending with three flavors of bottled drinks: classic margarita, strawberry margarita, and a sweet piña colada recipe. Casa Cantina items are now available for purchase in all Target stores that sell wine, with pickup available as well. Customers who can't make it into a Target can also order them for same-day delivery.

These Target cocktails serve up to 12 drinks per bottle

One of the most important things to know about Casa Cantina craft cocktails is that they won't break the bank. The 1.5-liter bottles retail for $9.99, with the 3-liter versions ringing up at $17.99. For reference, 3 liters is enough to make roughly one dozen 8-ounce beverages poured over ice, says Better Homes & Gardens. Compared with a restaurant cocktail, which routinely costs $10 or $15 a pop (or more!), a round of Casa Cantina drinks may feel like a steal.

It doesn't seem like Target's keeping the ingredients list low-quality to hit that affordable price point, though. The chain reports that all of the beverages are concocted with "premium" add-ins like "real strawberry puree, pineapple, and coconut." The beverages also don't include any artificial flavors or sweeteners, and they're gluten-free and vegan. With wine as their base, they contain 13.9% ABV.