The Solid-Gold McDonald's You Never Knew Existed

When it comes to high-dining and luxury, McDonald's isn't exactly high on the list — or even on the list for that matter. While we all enjoy a cheeseburger and the chain's famous fries every now and then, the Golden Arches aren't known for being associated with fine dining and gourmet. Make no mistake, however, that McDonald's model of being a cheap and quick burger joint is what it is known for and what makes it the multi-million dollar empire it is today. To change its model would be changing a good thing. 

But that hasn't stopped some McDonald's from giving themselves a bit of class. In the town of Independence, Ohio, there exists a literal "McMansion" — a McDonald's structured in the style of a classic mansion complete with gilded staircases and ornate chandeliers (via Cleveland 19 News). In Asheville, North Carolina, there's a McDonald's built into the former Biltmore Estate, where staff dress in slacks and bow-ties and you can dine on your Big Mac near a roaring golden fireplace (via Atlas Obscura).

There's one McDonald's that took things to a whole new level, decorating itself not just in gold as brilliant as its Golden Arches but also in a world of hot rods, Buddy Holly, and an America long left behind. 

Milwaukee's Solid Gold McDonald's was a trip back in time

If you were thinking about a McDonald's that was literally made of solid gold, you'd, unfortunately, be mistaken. While this McDonald's wasn't serving 24 karat gold fries, the restaurant's title actually harkens back to the "golden oldies" of American pop culture. 

According to the Milwaukee Record, the Solid Gold McDonald's existed in Greenfield, Wisconsin, resembling more of a classic 1950s-era diner than a standard McDonald's. Guests were greeted by life-size cutouts of the Beatles on the patio, before stepping through the doors into a hallway lined with records, movie posters, and nostalgic photographs. Rather than the usual Top 40 hits piped in over the speakers, guests were treated to a rousing big band number from the 1940s. 

A walk-through video shows the dining area transformed into a cross between a museum to McDonald's legacy and Americana rock and roll. Motorcycles sit atop display podiums, while former mascot Mac Tonight sits comfortably behind a grand piano. Murals of musicians such as James Brown, B.B. King, and Cab Calloway adorn the walls alongside classic license plates, autographed guitars, and photographs of car shows held in the McDonald's parking lot.

This particular McDonald's in Greenfield still stands today, although it's a far cry from its fantastic rock-and-roll atmosphere. In fact, it was renovated in 2011 to resemble its more "mainstream" counterparts. While this is unfortunate news, there are still plenty of other unique McDonald's you'll find in the U.S..