You Won't Believe How Popular Costco Is In Iceland

We all know Costco is popular. The warehouse chain has more than 800 locations across the globe, with nearly 600 of those located in the United States alone, according to Costco Investor Relations. Costco also boasts more than 116.6 million members worldwide, and its 92% member-retention rate is only one of the record-breaking statistics Costco has reported.

Regardless of how popular Costco seems to be in the U.S., only about 33% of Americans shop at the warehouse chain (via Business Insider). While that is certainly a hefty chunk of the population, it's nothing compared to Iceland.

That's right: Iceland, the country with roughly the same land area as the state of Kentucky, per Nations Online, has the United States beat when it comes to Costco members. Although Iceland has a population of around 337,000 — a little more than Kentucky's most populated city — its percentage of Costco members to citizens is far higher than any other country.

How many Costcos does Iceland have?

According to a recent UberFacts tweet, there is only one Costco in the entire country of Iceland. However, a whopping 70% of Icelanders are Costco members, more than double the rate in the United States.

Many people retweeted the fun fact, cracking jokes about what Icelanders are buying from Costco. One person said, "They love buying that blubber in bulk," while another commented, "Why get one fermented shark when you can get a whole case?" (By the way, you should never order shark at a restaurant, as the meat can contain dangerous levels of arsenic and mercury). Someone else asked, "What are the other 30% waiting for?"

As it turns out, several factors go into Costco's popularity in Iceland. For instance, one Redditor says Costco greatly expanded the selection of products available to Icelanders, and at lower prices than other stores. Another Redditor said they shop at the warehouse store because Costco's gas is so cheap — at one point allegedly 30% cheaper than other gas stations. Seriously, what are the other Icelanders waiting for?