The McDonald's House That Has TikTok Hungry For More

Though many people probably don't consider themselves regulars of the golden-arched fast food behemoth, "85% plus of the US population" find themselves at a McDonald's every year (via Business Insider). The high amount of Americans making a pit stop for a Big Mac and fries can probably be explained by McDonald's cheap prices and the company's impressive restaurant count. The Happy Meal producer boasts "over 38,000 locations in over 100 countries" (per McDonald's).

While most know the chain for its now polished (though once colorful) look, per Vox, McDonald's' near-global domination has earned the company some very interesting-looking buildings. In Roswell, New Mexico, a town known for its UFO sightings, hungry alien hunters can dine in a saucer-shaped McDonald's. According to Atlas Obscura, Taupo, New Zealand is the place for aviators to enjoy one of the brand's famous dollar-menu burgers in a grounded red and yellow airplane.

There is one McDonald's restaurant, however, that seems to have turned TikTok upside down. Located in a historic American town, TikTokers are in love with a McDonald's location that combines two usually opposing forces — fast food and old-fashioned elegance.

TikTokers are obsessed with a breathtaking Maine McDonald's

A TikTok video posted by user @evileasterbunny introduced a gorgeous McDonald's in Freeport, Maine — a huge, gray house with a lot of history in the town that, as noted by @evileeasterbunny, at first glance appears to be anything but a place to order a McGriddle. However, the small sign out front bearing the iconic golden arches reveals that the impressive building really is a McDonald's.

According to Food & Wine, the reason behind this McDonald's mansion's look has to do with the town hoping to keep up its lovely appearance. When McDonald's aimed to build a site in the Freeport community, their potential new location's officials did not like the idea of the chain's typical aesthetic sitting next to Freeport's long preserved buildings. McDonald's solution was easy enough. The restaurant built its next Maine location inside of the Gore house, a historic building in Freeport named in honor of William Gore, the man who created the mansion.

TikTokers have noted their appreciation for the innovative McDonald's location in the video's comment section. One user wrote, "Genius keeps the town beautiful." Another posted, "Oh my God I love this idea! Why is this not a thing yet!!" Some users simply couldn't get over the fast-food restaurant's incredible architecture. One wrote, "That's beautiful🥰 thats a little McDonalds WhiteHouse 😳😂😳😂." Another user stated: " I'm lovin it😂👍."