The Most Underrated Chef On Hell's Kitchen, According To Reddit

If you're a fan of intense cooking shows then chances are you've seen the action-packed show "Hell's Kitchen." World-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay begins the show with 20 contestants looking to prove their culinary prowess. Throughout the season, the celebrity chef puts the contestants through various cooking challenges and by the end, whittles the group down to only one winner whose prize is a position as head chef in one of Ramsay's fine dining establishments.

These cooking challenges are not for the weak-minded either. Not only are the trials stressful due to Ramsay's loud insults and critiques, but the chefs' living conditions are less than ideal. Topping off sardine-like sleeping arrangements and spur-of-the-moment recipe requests, to make the show a little spicier, production has been rumored to tamper with ingredients on set before each episode.

Knowing the details of what these chef contestants have to endure to make it to the end turns the finalists into mini-celebrities. This is no exception for the 13th season which aired in 2014. Even with multiple seasons surpassing 13, fans are still talking about the one contestant that should have made it to the end.

Perhaps the most undervalued chef on Hell's Kitchen

When it comes to "Hell's Kitchen," there are a lot of opinions out there on who deserved to make it to the finale, or in this case, who was sent home early. A few months ago, one Redditor posted in the r/HellsKitchen subreddit, which has over 32,000 members, the reasons why Jennifer Salhoff of season 13 was the most underrated chef of all.

In the post, the user lists 10 detailed reasons why Salhoff proved herself to be an excellent chef ranging from "perfectly cooked wellingtons" to various comments on her excellent communication with other chefs. The post received 40 comments, most of them in support of Salhoff's performance. One user states "I agree, she was a pretty solid chef for most of her run" while another user writes "agreed 100%. Definitely deserved it over people like Robyn, Roe and Manda Imao."

While comparing chefs on the show comes with the territory, the chefs that stand out are the ones that take criticism well and communicate effectively with their team members. The Redditor lists several examples of how Salhoff effectively corresponded with other chefs when getting food to the table showing she has what it takes to make an excellent head chef.

And while she didn't make it on "Hell's Kitchen," according to EATER Philadelphia, Salhoff is now the executive chef at the French restaurant, Amuse at Le Meridien hotel and also runs Le Mac by Jen, a successful macaron business.