The Dining Experience Harry Potter Lovers Won't Want To Miss

You don't need to reserve a seat in the Great Hall to eat like your favorite "Harry Potter" characters. Witches, wizards, and magic enthusiasts alike should soon be hopping on their brooms and beelining to a "Harry Potter"-themed cafe that just opened in Tokyo, Time Out reports. With the city gearing up for the Japanese premiere of the "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" play, a portion of Tokyo's Akasaka neighborhood has been converted into a snapshot from the set of the "Harry Potter" franchise, including a cafe with dishes inspired by the books and films.

The wizard-themed setup near the ACT Theater, where the play will debut, also boasts nods to the series' moving staircases and notable characters, as well as a gift shop selling magic-inspired wares. Avid Potterheads paying a visit to the cafe, meanwhile, will notice a food menu full of classic British foods speckled with references to the seven-part series.

Dine like your favorite witches and wizards

The Harry Potter cafe in Akasaka features items like sandwiches, fruity drinks, and sweet treats, some of which are visually distinguished based on which Hogwarts House you get sorted into upon arrival, DesignTAXI reports. A "dormitory stew" topped with a pastry crust branded with the Hogwarts crest, for example, is served on one of four differently colored plates representing each of the school's houses, per the cafe's menu

The Harry Potter food experience certainly seems to be aiming to provide diners with Insta-worthy photo-ops. Visually stimulating desserts are plated to look like Hedwig sitting on a branch or Aragog the spider crawling to his hideout, while the salmon tartare is topped with a "Golden Snitch" egg yolk and the Dragon's Breath Roast Beef arrives to your table with visible "breath." Aspiring potions students can choose from a number of cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, each of which is named after a spell from the franchise. The reservation-only pop-up is only around for a limited time, with an end date of July 31, according to the website. Can't make it to Tokyo? You may have better luck tracking down the best things to eat at Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter.