The Sweet Reason Prince George Held A Bake Sale

His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge was just 6-years-old when his father, His Royal Highness Prince William Duke of Cambridge was lauded for an impassioned speech he delivered while presiding over the 2019 Tusk Conservation Awards, per the Business Times. The Tusk Trust is a charitable foundation that was formed in 1990 by the conservationists, Charlie Mayhew MBE and Sir Timothy Ackroyd Bt. Its stated mission is "to amplify the impact of progressive conservation initiatives across Africa," according to the Tusk website. Prince William has been Royal Patron of the Trust since 2005, per the Tusk Awards website, meaning that William is the official royal name and face behind the trust and the causes for which it stands (per Town & Country). 

To dovetail with his speech, Prince William also posted on Instagram of his support of Tusk's initiatives, stating, "We have to move faster and more effectively to find ways to balance our demands on this planet with the nature we share it with," punctuating the word "nature" with a elephant emoji, leading some commenters to draw comparisons to William's philanthropically-inclined mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, whose patronage of the Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage in Zimbabwe was much celebrated, per Harper's Bazaar. Three years later, it appears that Prince George is following in both their footsteps, with news having come to light that not long after his father's speech, Prince George held a bake sale during lockdown for one very sweet reason.

Prince George cares about wildlife conservation

The fact that England was in national lockdown during the first several months of the COVID-19 pandemic, per House of Commons Library, didn't stop an industrious  Prince George from using his time to do so some good — while also getting in some baking time in the kitchen.

According to Charlie Mayhew, who is The Tusk Trust's current CEO as well as a friend of Prince William (per the Telegraph), "Prince George very sweetly did a little cake sale to raise money for Tusk during lockdown and wrote a very sweet card about it, clearly  demonstrating his concern for Africa's wildlife," per the Daily Mail. Tusk did not reveal what the prince baked for the sale, or how much money was raised via Prince George's efforts, and perhaps this is because the point isn't about how much money one child can raise so much as it's about how much one caring and very influential child can help to bring attention to this cause.

In fact, Prince George would appear to care deeply, expressing confusion and annoyance at litter, according to his father. In addition, Prince George is said to have expressed his concern for animals in danger of extinction, asking the broadcaster and biologist Sir David Attenborough during a 2020 visit Attenborough paid to Kensington Palace, "which animal he thinks would become extinct next." Attenborough assured the boy, "We can protect them," and the rest is sweet history.