What Kate Middleton And Her Kids Baked To Celebrate The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee this year celebrated 70 years of service, the longest reign in the history of British monarchs (via The Royal Family website). The celebrations started on June 2 and came to a close on Sunday, June 5 with The Big Jubilee Lunch followed by The Platinum Jubilee Pageant. The Big Jubilee Lunch is a huge celebration where over 10 million people are expected to come together in their communities to share a meal. Some people host backyard cookouts, and others eat lunch right in the street. But either way, specialty foods are available in stores to celebrate the occasion.

Famed ketchup company Heinz released limited-edition HP Sauce and Salad Cream bottles that might well be present on many tables on June 5 (via Independent). For dessert, Morrisons created a long and stubby Corgi cake, which is hopefully as delicious as it is cute. And the bakery Peggy Porschen Cakes pulled out all the stops with its ornate cupcakes. While these limited-edition items are exciting, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, revealed on Twitter that some residents of Cardiff will receive a food item with more of a personal touch from the royal family.

Kate Middleton and the royal kids made cupcakes

In celebration of the last day of the queen's Platinum Jubilee, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge posted on Twitter that with the help of their three children, they were baking cupcakes for Cardiff residents "to enjoy at a Platinum Jubilee street party." The post featured several candid photos of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis pitching in to make the cupcakes. Prince Louis looked especially dedicated to his task of sifting flour, as he's pictured standing over the bowl with a very focused expression.

Once the cupcakes came out of the oven, and presumably many messes were cleaned up, it was time for the treats to get dressed up for the queen's holiday. Kate Middleton is pictured helping her children decorate the cupcakes. It appears that she piped the icing into perfect swirls so the children could add the final touch of red, white, and blue sprinkles to reflect the British flag. Many Twitter users were delighted with the wholesome photos. "OMG, amazing photos capturing a family having fun. No pomp and pageantry which I also love but just a normal day [baking in] the kitchen with your kids," replied one user. "How sweet to see. The Cambridge's are the real deal, love them," said @gloria_78.