The Silly Cooking Mistake Ree Drummond Once Made On A Date

When it comes to the gold standard of cooking, many of us look to our favorite celebrity chefs as idols. If your looking to whip up a flawless beef Wellington, Gordon Ramsey's your guy, whereas Rachael Ray's recipes are a great go-to choice if you are searching for a quick and easy 30-minute meal.

That said, celebrity chefs aren't perfect — even when it comes to all things food. Many famous chefs have been vocal about their cooking mishaps and mistakes. Ina Garten has dished on the worst party she ever hosted, while Emeril Lagasse has confessed to the time when he accidentally blew up a pineapple upside-down cake (via Delish). "One day, Food Network will put our bloopers at the end of our TV shows and you'll never think the same of us again!" Giada De Laurentiis joked to Delish. As for Ree Drummond? The Pioneer Women doesn't shy away from revealing her faux pas in the kitchen — after all, she's only human! One of Drummond's more unfortunate cooking errors occurred at a particularly inopportune time — while she was on a date.

The Pioneer Woman gave her date a bad case of garlic breath

Going on a date is already nerve-wracking enough as it is — cooking a meal for your date takes those nervous butterflies to a whole new level! One fateful day, Ree Drummond decided to bravely don her apron and prepare a romantic meal for a man. Let's just say, things didn't exactly go as planned.

Drummond's dish of choice was a Caesar salad. While preparing this basic dish may be a breeze for the Oklahoma-native now, it wasn't as easy when she was in her early 20s. "I wasn't a very good cook," she admitted to her daughter Alex, in a short Instagram clip. "Instead of adding a clove of garlic I added a bulb of garlic." Talk about a bad case of garlic breath!

"It was the garlickiest garlic experience I've ever had in my life," Drummond shared. While Drummond's date was a gentleman about the incident, Drummond never heard from him again.

This isn't the only time that The Pioneer Woman has shared a relatable cooking mistake. In another amusing clip posted to her Instagram, the cookbook author shared a video of her and her daughter Paige cooking a meal. The mother-daughter duo forgot to include not just one, but three key ingredients in a curry bowl. "We're not on top of things," Paige joked.