The Fried Egg And Mac 'N Cheese Combo Reddit Is Loving

Creating cheap and easy recipes that are also tasty and filling comes with many obstacles, but the internet has allowed for people to come together to swap inexpensive meal ideas and Reddit has become a hub for those looking for tips on how to put together a cheap dinner. The site has various forums made for users to share economic recipes with each other. Under r/budgetfood, Redditors post $6 dinner ideas like pork loin paired with a baked potato and share how to make bread with low-priced ingredients.

However, the quest to find delicious and low-cost meals often sneaks into other forums that aren't dedicated to the topic. For example, r/eggs is a sunny side of the popular website that is filled with budget-friendly food favorites. Since eggs are relatively low-priced and a great source of protein (via Cleveland Clinic), the number of affordable recipes on this forum isn't surprising. But there is one inexpensive and delectable r/eggs meal that has Reddit buzzing.

Reddit can't get over this amazing looking take on mac 'n cheese

The Reddit post in question involves a recipe that upgrades a childhood (and for many, adulthood) favorite — Easy Mac. Easy Mac is known for being a fast and affordable food option, and one user demonstrated that with a few other mouthwatering touches it can become a multi-layered meal.

The post explains you just need to add your desired number of fried eggs, sprinkle in pepper and chopped garlic, and then toss small pieces of bacon on top of your Easy Mac to make the recipe. Not only does this fried egg version of mac 'n cheese seem yummy, but with bacon as its most expensive ingredient, it's also relatively easy on the wallet.

Redditors were quick to show their adoration for this eggy mac 'n cheese sensation. One user wrote, "I didn't even grow up eating easy mac but I'm a huge fan of 'Doctoring' food and this looks pretty darn good!" Another stated, "This looks brilliant!" And yet another Redditor approvingly commented, "Way to up the easy mac game. Love it." If you find yourself falling in love with the idea of this egg and Easy Mac Reddit creation, there are loads of other egg recipes to learn in order to make more delicious and cost-effective meals perfect for any time of day.