The Dumplings Trader Joe's Shoppers Can't Stop Raving About

Americans' cravings are becoming more geared towards international food (via Nation's Restaurant News) and frozen dumplings have earned enough of a culinary following that people have taken to websites like Reddit to recommend what they consider to be the best brand for a pre-made dumpling dinner. Dumplings' simple yet delicious flavor makes them an easy snack, lunchtime staple, and quick dinner — which may be the reason why they have become a frozen meal favorite.

Generally, dumplings are made with simple ingredients. The wrappers mostly consist of flour and water, and they can be filled with a variety of ingredients like shrimp and pork (per School of Wok). There are also many different dumpling types, like jiaozi, which are often referred to as potstickers, and wontons, which are often placed in soup. However, the key to finding the perfect frozen dumplings, as noted by internet dumpling fans, seems to lie not only in their tastiness but also in their construction. According to a post on Reddit, there is a certain brand of frozen dumplings sold by Trader Joe's that meets all the requirements for a perfect (and easily prepared) dumpling feast.

Reddit can't get over Trader Joe's soup dumplings

A Reddit post under r/traderjoes has become a hub for fellow frozen dumpling fans to express their disbelief over the quality of Trader Joe's Steamed Pork and Ginger Soup Dumplings. A popular style of dumpling delicately filled with liquid, these plump, soup-filled parcels are "inspired by the same original soup dumplings, xiao long bao, that originated in the Jiangsu province of China," according to TJ's. The grocery chain claims that they've added their own spin on this traditional favorite by adding a hefty dose of ginger to the mix.

Redditors shared how impressed they were with Trader Joe's frozen soup dumpling game in the forum. One user commented on the dumplings' authenticity, though they were disappointed by the packaging: "I worked in Shanghai for 5 years (Shanghai is widely regarded as the place for the best soup dumplings in China) and I thought these were great. Very impressive. Hate the packaging though and wish more came in a box." Other Redditors expressed their adoration for the dumplings' taste. One posted, "These really always catch me off guard by how good.... they burn my mouth because I'm impatient AF." If you find you also can't get enough of these frozen pork and ginger soup dumplings, be sure to try out some of Trader Joe's other delicious and convenient frozen foods for more quick and good-tasting meal ideas.