Dunkin's New Cold Brew Flavor Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

We're only on day three of summer here in the U.S. and some people are already eager to see the warmest season of the year come to an end. "Now that my beach trip is over, I'm totally ready for fall. This heat is too much rn," one Twitter user wrote on the social media platform this morning. Another user seemed to concur and tweeted, "Once summer hits, I'm ready for fall. Too sweaty, too hot. Blah."

According to The Washington Post, many Americans are expecting record-high temperatures so we totally understand the desire to make the leap into fall. However, until the technology is developed to make time travel possible, it looks like we're just going to have to make the best of the hottest days of the year by heading to the movie theater, beach, or pool. Additionally, a trip to your local Dunkin' may also help provide some relief from the heat this year. Per Chew Boom, the Massachusetts-based java shop kicked off the official start of summer with the release of a brand new cold brew flavor — and that's just the start of the good news. As if coffee lovers needed another reason to flock to their local Dunkin' for a refreshing cold brew this summer, the chain is offering the newest addition to its beverage lineup at a discount, as well.

Dunkin' fans can try its new Brown Sugar Cream Cold Brew for just $3

Coffee lovers may not be able to cool off with one of the chain's Dunkin' Frozen Coffee beverages this summer. However, the chain does have a new cold brew flavor for them to sip on all season long. Per Chew Boom, the coffee shop added another notch in its summer lineup this week with the release of its new Brown Sugar Cream Cold Brew, which was also joined by the returning Everything Stuffed Bagel Minis. Featuring Dunkin's "ultra-smooth, slow-steeped cold brew" mixed with a brown sugar cinnamon-flavored syrup and topped with a "smooth and velvety" brown sugar cold foam and a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar, this drink is giving us serious Snickerdoodle vibes, potentially making perfect for those already craving the flavors of fall.

Dunkin' is also giving patrons the chance to save a few bucks while sampling its newest menu item, as it's offering all medium cold brew beverages for just $3 from now until July 19. Some Dunkin' fanatics have already jumped at the chance to give the discounted Brown Sugar Cream Cold Brew a try, including Elite Daily's Jillian Giandurco, who assured in her review that the beverage wasn't as sugary as its name may imply. "If you're someone who prefers a no-frills iced coffee to get you through the day, this drink has all the refreshingly smooth qualities you want in a cold brew," she said.