Why Whole Foods Thinks Its Condiments Are Ready For A Flavor Upgrade

Does anyone else judge people by how many condiments they have in their fridge? If they only have one type of hot sauce, that's an immediate red flag for sure. There is such a wide variety of condiments out there, which makes it especially easy to fill up the door of your fridge with options. When you open someone's fridge, ketchup, ranch, mayo, mustard, and some type of hot sauce are usually the bare necessities. According to Statista, these have been the four top categories of condiments in the U.S. since 2019, with mayo leading the pack every year.

Although these sauces are the most popular in the country, your condiment of choice may depend on the state you live in. Influenster put together a map of the most popular condiments in each state, and there is a wide range of answers, from Nutella to sriracha. Even with endless options, sometimes there's nothing better than a french fry dipped in classic ketchup. However, according to Whole Foods Market's Trend Council, people expect a bit more pizzazz out of their sauces nowadays, per Food Business News.

Whole Foods customers are leaning toward elevated versions of classic condiments

Information about ingredients and food is more accessible than ever, thanks to the internet and social media, so people are more willing to experiment with new flavors. Items like Brooklyn Delhi Curry Mustard and Acid League California Ketchup with Saffron and Living ACV from Whole Foods gently introduce new flavors through condiments that most Americans are very familiar with, per Food Business News

Customers are also adding a bit of spice to their life by experimenting with different chiles. "As restrictions begin to ease, this desire for interesting new flavors has raised the profile of fiery marinades and table sauces featuring flavorful chili varieties like habanero, ancho and guajillo," Daniel Espinoza, corporate research and development chef for OFI, a business of Singapore-based Olam International, told Food Business News.

Even though ranch usually adds a cooling element to a dish, Whole Foods customers are here for a spicy ranch, whether it's Buffalo or habanero, per Food Business News. For an extra punch of flavor that doesn't necessarily involve spice, customers are reaching for condiments with fermented foods mixed in like miso, fermented garlic, and kimchi. Of course, if any of the trendy condiments above have a plant-based version, that adds a few extra points.