The Leftover Containers Aldi Customers Swear By

Almost every house has two very disorganized drawers: the junk drawer and the leftover containers drawer. In both drawers, you're not sure how most of the items even got there, but you keep shoving more junk in there nonetheless and leave the problem for another day. Eventually, you realize that you're tired of the plastic compartments tumbling out of the cabinet every time you open it, so you decide to organize it for real. The containers can usually stack together neatly, which is an easy fix, but the lids often end up scattered all over the place.

To remedy this, Apartment Therapy recommends using a plate rack or book bins to keep the lids organized. Homes & Gardens also recommends storing containers and lids separately, using a tension rod to divide the drawer accordingly. While you're clearing out this messy drawer, you may also realize that many of your containers are missing the corresponding lid. Luckily, Aldi shoppers have a hack for how you can replace your lidless leftover containers.

Aldi's deli meat containers can be reused for leftovers

It's no secret that Aldi has a cult following, similar to that of Trader Joe's, and the store's fans are nice enough to share their recipe hacks and more on Reddit. One Redditor recently posted on the r/aldi thread that they save the deli meat containers to reuse for food storage and asked if anyone else does the same. "The entirety of my childhood food container stock was these," replied one Reddit user. "My mom had good Tupperware that she used for keeping things at home, but if anyone wanted to take anything out of the house it was these or nothing." A couple of other users compare this to using old margarine or sour cream containers, but one user points out a key difference.

"They stack neatly up n [sp] the cabinet, a million uses and can send food home with guests in them," said one Redditor. "Plus u don't feel like your mama saving old country crock and cottage cheese containers cause their [sp] plain and look basically like a regular storage container." It's true that once you remove the sticker on the top, like in the photo above, it looks just like any other plastic container for storing food. Plus, once you've gone through a few containers of deli meat, you have a set.