Saweetie's Ramen Recipe That Went Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Delicious, elevated ramen dishes are widely available across the country. While many of the best ramen dishes in the U.S. may be found in the biggest cities, upscale ramen shops are becoming more common, according to The Food Channel. Rapper Saweetie shared her own take on ramen in a TikTok video, but it probably won't prompt many of the chefs at those upscale ramen shops to contact her for the recipe. 

She labeled the video with, "The correct way to make ramen," and posted it with the caption, "This how you supposed to do it." The star shared not only how she prepares the noodles but also her own ingredients that she adds to the ramen. While her preparation method remained mostly uncontroversial, one of the ingredients she used to customize her homemade ramen drew both ire and respect from her social media followers. Some fans even questioned whether Saweetie's concoction would give them cause to seek medical attention.

Flamin' Hot Ramen

While people might have gone for the Saweetie McDonald's Meal, the rapper's ramen recipe hasn't gotten such rave reviews. Over 21,000 people have commented on the TikTok video. The controversial ingredient is Flamin' Hot Cheetos. After preparing the noodles with Tony Chachere's seasoning and Tabasco sauce, Saweetie dumped the fresh noodles straight into a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos and ate the mixture right out of the bag.

Many of the comments effectively stated that it was not the ramen recipe they were expecting or even would like to try. Comments ranged from some fearing indigestion to others simply saying it would be too spicy for their palates. One commenter said, "You had me until the hot Cheetos," while another prognosticated "radioactive bowel movements." Another commenter stated that her husband would "have a heart attack if he saw this."

There were some positive comments, however, and the video has over 3.5 million likes. One user said that they thought nobody else added Flamin' Hot Cheetos to the noodles. While the video definitely got Saweetie some engagement on TikTok, she's probably not going to get a job as a cook at a ramen shop anytime soon.