McDonald's Saweetie Meal Is Coming. Here's What You Need To Know

Recently, McDonald's has collaborated with celebrities to create meals based on their signature orders. We've seen the sales of Travis Scott's extremely popularĀ Cactus Jack meal, which even led to some McDonald's restaurants running out of key ingredients. The fast food chain saw record-breaking traffic at its restaurants once the BTS meal came out. Though some BTS fans were disappointed with the collaboration, the partnership certainly got a lot of buzz around social media, and U.S. customers got to try some new condiments, like Sweet Chili and Cajun sauces.

Now, McDonald's is launching another celebrity meal, this time, with rapper Saweetie. Like in the past, this meal will be designed after Saweetie's McDonald's order, so if you want to eat like a celebrity, mark your calendars. USA Today reports that you'll be able to order the Saweetie Meal starting on August 9, and this meal deal will be available in participating stores across the country.

What's in the Saweetie Meal?

The Saweetie Meal is filled with McDonald's classic menu items, but there are fun twists to the meal. According to USA Today, the meal comes with a Big Mac, a four-piece order of chicken nuggets, fries, Sprite, and two sauces. USA Today says the fries and Sprite come in a medium size. You can dip your nuggets and fries in McDonald's Tangy BBQ Sauce or the Sweet 'N Sour Sauce, which has been cleverly rebranded as "Saweetie 'N Sour Sauce" for this collaboration.

CNN says that the fast food chain wants its customers to "remix" their meals like Saweetie does, for example, adding the nuggets or fries to the burger. With the sauces, you can also try multiple flavor combinations and even mix the two together.

Want more food collabs from Saweetie? Look out for Paris Hilton's cooking show, "Cooking with Paris," which features a number of celebrity guests, including Saweetie.