The Processed Food Andrew Zimmern Loves

Andrew Zimmern has been eating strange and fantastical foods since his days on the Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods." From Icelandic hakarl and Kazakhstan horse rib and rectum (via Andrew Zimmern), the host of "Family Dinner" on Magnolia Network has eaten his fair share of adventurous ingredients. Per The Daily Meal, Zimmern is a strong advocate for sustainable eating and is all too happy to share his tips and recommendations to help families eliminate food waste. Zimmern is also working to educate and find solutions to overfishing (via Instagram).

But even though the celebrity chef is a James Beard-winning television personality, he is a far cry from a snob when it comes to food. Zimmern revealed to AV Club he really is just like those of us who tune into his shows, and he is not above the siren sway of the almighty junk food. He shared with the outlet he actually likes truck stop gas station eats in the South, favoring fried chicken and fried chicken livers. He admits that when it comes to other service stations in the country, aside from the last slice of pizza on the carousel, they become "less interesting." However, the processed food Zimmern enjoys in the comfort of his own home is one many people also enjoy.

A college favorite

Zimmern turned his Substack channel into a food confessional. He explained that even though he really tries to "eat all-natural wholesome foods that when consumed clash with his core values system," he's human and slips from time to time. Zimmern revealed that he loves to eat ramen. He said, "I fool myself by saying sometimes I am just using the noodles, but in some of the Japanese and Korean brands I buy, I can't help but use all the season packets and everything else that goes along with it." We get it. Ramen is delish!

Back in 2013, Zimmern even shared a recipe with People to help up the taste bud game for lovers of this economical college favorite. But ramen noodles aren't the only processed food that Zimmern admitted to enjoying: From time to time, he likes to eat Raisinets and Kraft Singles American cheese which he uses on his hamburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. And what can we say, just like the chef we all like to enjoy our favorite sweet and salty treats.