The Recipe Parody That Had Reddit Cracking Up

A popular culinary comedy clip plays on the idea that one cook's trash is another cook's treasure. Or, more accurately, one species' trash is another species' treasure.

Redditors on the /Stupid Food thread have discussed a lot of food parodies over the years. Early in 2022, the subreddit enjoyed a video that consists of a parody recipe for a dish the clip calls pepperoni garbage bread. This dish isn't like Guy Fieri's Trash Can Nachos, though. The recipe is quite different from the Garbage Fries from What's Cookin' Italian Style as well.

In fact, it's doubtful whether or not you'd actually want to follow this parody recipe, which is likely why the video was such a hit. While it starts out with some promise, it quickly deteriorates into something most would consider inedible. The video makes up for any "gross-out" factor by casting a familiar furry friend as the cook presenting the recipe, though.

Meet the chef behind the dish

There are few more qualified connoisseurs of garbage than raccoons and thus, a raccoon represented the optimal choice to present this "recipe." The Reddit clip depicts the presentation of the recipe in a traditional step-by-step format. The first few ingredients actually sound somewhat appetizing, even if they are the remains the raccoon chef pulled out of someone's trash. Dough, marinara, and cheese act as the base for the pepperoni garbage bread. It's really not that much of a deviation from a pizza bread recipe.

The wheels come off quickly at that point, however. After throwing some leftover produce on, the entire remnants of the trash bag join the toppings of the bread. That includes some banana peels, leftover Chinese takeout, and a few other indistinguishable items that might not actually have been food at any time. After baking, the raccoon presents the finished item with a flourish, as if it is audaciously proud of its creation. The clip closes with a shot of the bread cut open in a way that is reminiscent of every pizza commercial you've ever seen.

Typically, leftovers become garbage the second they hit the can but apparently are a culinary delight for a raccoon that somehow has access to an oven. However, for human beings, it's probably best to leave this recipe in the realm of the ridiculous.