Costco Shoppers Are Thirsty For This Favorite Ready-To-Drink Cocktail

Mixing up classic cocktails can be a fun hobby. However, with the amount of free time people have these days going down, and the cost of stocking up home bars going up, some may be finding it difficult to keep up with their inner mixologists. Even some of the simpler alcoholic drinks, like margaritas, can be a bit of a hassle to concoct, especially if you've got a large crowd coming over this summer to hang out by the pool. Fortunately, Costco has just the thing that will allow the marg lovers of the world easily kick back and relax by the water with their favorite boozy beverage in hand as opposed to having to constantly head inside to shake them up behind the pine. The big-box retailer has brought back its fan-favorite Kirkland Signature Premium Ready-To-Drink Golden Margaritas, which Costco-obsessed Instagram user @costcobuys recently spotted in stores.

Taking to their account on Monday, June 27, the Instagram user shared a short video clip of the tangy wine cocktail on display at their local Costco warehouse, where they were priced at $8.99 per bottle. "This is 1.5L and is made with real lime juice! Simply pour over ice and enjoy!" they instructed in the caption — though it seems that many of their followers already knew how to go about enjoying this summertime fave.

These ready-to-drink margaritas are a longtime love for Costco shoppers

Costco has been selling its massive bottles of Ready-To-Drink Golden Margarita Wine Cocktails for some time now, with Best Products noting that they had been around for a number of years when they spotlighted the 12.7% ABV beverage back in 2019. Yet, when Instagram user @costcobuys posted about the chill-and-serve cocktail yesterday, shoppers still raved about it in the comments section as if it was brand new to Costco's alcohol scene. "THE best golden margaritas!!!" one Instagram user commented. "Good god, that is a great price," quipped another fan, while a few others noted that there are also Costco pre-mixed strawberry margaritas that are just as good.

One of the best parts of this particular adult beverage from Costco is how easy it is to prepare, simply requiring a glass of ice (with or without a salted rim) to enjoy. However, as many Costco shoppers that have already sampled the cocktail warned, the simplicity of these ready-to-drink margaritas also makes them a bit dangerous to sip on. "These are sooooo good! And STRONG! I tame them down by adding some Sprite and making a wine cooler out of them. Delish," an Instagrammer suggested. Whether you pour them straight from the bottle or get a little fancier with your Kirkland Signature Golden Margaritas, always sip responsibly, and never drink and drive.