Camp McDonald's Brings The Summer Fun All Month Long

Maybe you dropped your kids off at summer camp and thought, wait a minute, why can't I go, too? This summer you can go to Camp McDonald's as the fast food restaurant has announced the launch of its app-based summer camp that will feature deals on your favorite foods, menu hacks, musical performances, and limited availability merchandise all throughout the month of July. All you have to do is download the app – you'll get 10 free McNuggets just for downloading — and check it daily to see what camp "activities" are going down that day.

QSR Magazine reports that some of the food deals will include discounts on favorite menu items like the Big Mac and menu hacks will instruct you on how to order items like an Apple Pie McFlurry or a McFlurry Sandwich. McDonald's has also teamed up with companies like Free & Easy for merchandise collaborations, which will include items like the Retro Grimace Pool Float whose release will kick off camp on July 5. You'll also be able to watch virtual concerts on the app, such as performances by blackbear and Kid Cudi.

Camp McDonald's is full of fun

Adweek reports that the Camp McDonald's initiative is all part of the company's attempt to attract more Gen-Z customers, expand its digital marketing strategy, and get more involved in creating culture. "No matter what camp meant to you growing up, this campaign allows you to attend Camp McDonald's without packing a bag — in a way that seamlessly marries culture and commerce. This is camp like you've never seen it before," said Tariq Hassan, McDonald's chief marketing and digital experience officer.

So, are you ready to ditch swim and tennis lessons in favor of fries and concerts? It's time to enroll in Camp McDonald's. Check out the full schedule of deals, menu hacks, merchandise drops, and Sunday concerts in the press release. Most of the perks can be unlocked on the app with a minimum one-dollar purchase. And we promise not to judge you if you choose to eat your free Happy Meal (July 22) or free Double Cheeseburger (July 15) as you float around your pool on your Grimace float. It's summer living at its best.