You Aren't Tipping Enough At Cracker Barrel, According To TikTok

Whether you like leaving tips or think tipping should be abolished, it's currently an integral part of the service industry. Many professionals, from servers and bartenders to hairdressers and taxi drivers, rely on tips for their income. This is thanks to the fact that in some states, tipped minimum wage remains at $2.13 per hour (via U.S. Department of Labor).

So, how much should you be tipping? When it comes to eating out, Real Simple suggests tipping 15% for "average" service and 20% for "very good service." NerdWallet agrees with this amount, adding that a 20% tip would be "generous," but also convenient as the math to compute it can be done quickly and easily. Consumer Reports also says 15% to 20% is a good tip to aim for, clarifying that the tip should be computed based on the pre-tax amount.

Despite these commonly known guidelines, are most people actually tipping enough? One TikToker, a server at a Cracker Barrel, took to the platform to share how much she made during a shift — and commenters made their opinions about her tips known.

Some Cracker Barrel customers aren't tipping fairly, TikTokers say

TikTok user @kknoel7 is a Cracker Barrel server who recently recorded all the tips her tables left her on a Monday morning. By the end of her shift, she had made $903.59 in sales and $212.92 in tips, which works out to about 23.5% in tips. However, some users in the comments section said that not all of her customers tipped her fairly. 

For example, the server's first party was one of 30 people, who had a bill of $298.63 and left a tip of $46, which comes out to about 15.4%. One TikToker commented that "the party of 30 should've left at least $60." @kknoel7 seemed to agree, but she also acknowledged that such a fair tip doesn't always come to fruition, writing, "literally & they ran me to death, didn't stop asking for stuff until they were all out of the building but it's okay!! it happens."

Another TikToker chimed in with their thoughts, commenting, "Good job!!! BUT seriously these people do NOT tip enough!" @kknoel7 agreed graciously, replying, "trust me im knowing but im grateful either way." Plenty of users complimented her on a job well done, and one fellow server said, "thanks for posting this. So many people don't realize how hard we work, and deserve 20%."