Aldi Is Spicing Up Salads With Its New Plant-Based Croutons

While some grocery options are lauded for their ability to fill a category of popular items from the food world, others are known for creating lesser known yet surprisingly useful products. For example, two surprising ingredients needed for copycat recipes are Xantham Gum and Lecithin — they can be incredibly useful when preparing recipes for items commonly found on shelves like ice cream or desserts that tend to go stale quickly. And while Bratwurst is not an item usually picked first for a homemade dinner, Aldi's Deutsche Küche Bavarian Bratwurst is one Aldi Food to try before you die.

And now, among their other new options popping onto shelves, Aldi's has created yet another that you likely did not know you needed, but will not be mad you tried: plant-based plantain croutons. While not the first on the scene to create them – Trader Joe's plantain croutons came out in January 2021 – Aldi's croutons already have fan accounts buzzing with excitement.

Gluten free is the way to be

Croutons are a commonly used salad topper for those looking to add a bit more crunch, and usually some carbs, to their leafy meal choice. And while not many are looking for more plant-based salad toppings given that salads are already fairly veggie-heavy, Aldi decided to prove to nutrition-minded shoppers that a plant-based crouton is both possible and necessary. 

An Aldi fan account, @aldiforpresident, recently posted a photo of the new plantain croutons, noting they come in one of three flavors, "Tuscan Garden Spicy Sriracha or Garlic & Sea Salt." The "croutons" big appeal is their boast of a low carb count and are a big win for those who are gluten free. And followers are already chiming in, starting with one who seems to be a Trader Joe's stan, @traderjolene, who mentioned, "These look better than the ones at TJ's," and another who simply commented, "yes pleaseeee!!!"