The 15 Best Progresso Soup Flavors Ranked

When we think of soup, we usually picture ourselves eating a hot bowl of it on a cold snowy day. When Old Man Winter starts disrupting our daily lives with his perpetual bone-freezing temperatures, we require something warm and rich to combat his deviously icy plans, and a hearty bowl of soup is the perfect remedy. With every hearty spoonful, we look Old Man Winter directly in the eyes and say, "Not today, Old Man. Go find someone else to bother." But, any soup-enthusiast knows full well that, even if they're not in the throes of winter, soup still hits the spot no matter what time of year it is.

There are plenty of companies today that crank out tons of different types of soups, and Progresso is one brand at the helm of the soup industry. Over the years, they've offered customers a wide variety of different flavors and ingredient combinations to ensure that there's a soup for just about anyone seeking a meal fit for a spoon. Now, if you find yourself craving a bowl of the good stuff, you'll want some guidance as to which flavors are worth your money and which ones should stay put on those supermarket shelves. So, break out those spoons and rev the pedal on your appetite because these are the 15 best Progresso soup flavors ranked.

15. Rich and Hearty Chicken and Homestyle Noodles

Whenever we fell ill as kids — and even still as adults today — chicken noodle soup always stands out in our minds as one of the best remedies. The thin-but-rich broth mixed with the protein of the chicken and nutrition from the vegetables had to have at least somewhat cured us, right? Well, for all those who are running a fever or those who just want a taste of that classic flavor again, they should check out Progresso's Rich & Hearty Chicken & Homestyle Noodles.

Progresso manages to capture all the nostalgia of chicken noodle soup in one can. Plus, this is from the Rich & Heart soup line, which means it has even more noodles, chicken, and veggies than the traditional can. The all-white meat chicken junks are super tender and juicy, and the veggies have a lovely soft texture thanks to them soaking in the flavorful broth. There may not be any unique flavor profiles happening here, but it does exactly what you want chicken noodle soup to do.

14. Vegetable Classics French Onion

French onion soup is a staple item at so many restaurants, and for good reason. A rich beef broth filled with delicately cooked onions and croutons that are soft on the outside but still crunchy on the inside is just too good to resist. But, the best part is that you have to gently break through that glistening tarp of hot gruyere cheese that's draped over the top to get to the hearty liquid prize beneath. So, it only made sense Progresso wanted to harness the amazing experience of French onion soup, and they did so by offering customers their French Onion option.

The can of soup doesn't come with the cheese or croutons inside, obviously; those two ingredients would never keep well sitting in broth on a shelf. But, what is included is a super rich beef broth and delicate pieces of onions. The broth explodes with flavor with every bite, and the addition of the onions makes you truly feel like you're indulging in French onion soup. All you have to do is add your own croutons and cheese to make the whole experience perfectly authentic.

13. Traditional Split Pea with Ham

Fun fact: In the horror film "The Exorcist," split pea soup was used in the scene where the possessed little girl throws up all over the priest who's attempting her exorcism. Doesn't that make you really want a hot bowl of the stuff? Well, don't dwell on that too much, because split pea soup is great. Even if you don't like peas on their own, when they're pureed into a thick broth and seasoned, they're worth a go. And, if you're hesitant about taking the dive, a great place to start your journey is Progresso's Split Pea with Ham. Just like John Lennon said, "Give peas a chance."

The soup has a mixture of peas (both whole and the pureed base), carrots, potatoes, and chunks of ham. The potatoes are super soft and a great addition to all the veggies by lending a starchy bite. The ham, however, really brings this soup to the next level. The tender salty chunks perfectly slice through the richness of the pureed peas, and it offers protein alongside the veggies.

12. Rich & Hearty New England Clam Chowder

Clam chowder comes in two different versions: Manhattan and New England. Manhattan has a thin tomato-based broth, and New England comes with a rich cream-based broth. Now, if you're looking for something light, Manhattan is the way to go. But, when you want a really delicious hearty punch of clams (and you do), you have to travel down the New England route. Progresso offers a Rich & Hearty New England Clam Chowder for all those craving a creamy seafood flavor, and it certainly does its job.

The rich cream broth has a ton of potatoes and clams to satisfy even the hungriest appetite. If you're a little hesitant to eat clams out of a Progresso can, fear not! They taste fresh and are super succulent. Each tender morsel has a tasty sea-salty flavor that is a great complement to the potatoes and cream. When you want to feel like you're sitting seaside on a dock looking out over the ocean, kick it with a bowl of this stuff.

11. Traditional Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

Louisiana is famous for a lot of different cuisine, but gumbo may be the most associated with the state. It's a rich stew composed of vegetables and protein, and it can come seasoned in so many different ways. Luckily, if you're craving those vibrant flavors, you don't have to pencil a trip to Louisiana into your schedule. Progresso has a Chicken & Sausage Gumbo option for all those who want to explore southern cooking without having to take a long drive.

Instead of noodles, the gumbo contains rice as the starch. The rice rests in a rich smoky broth filled with red bell pepper, green sweet peppers, okra, and juicy chunks of Andouille sausage. Everything here works together wonderfully. The sausage has a bit of spice to it that kicks this hearty soup to another level, and the veggies are all super saturated with the seasoned liquid, which is great. And the rice actually works a lot better than heavier noodles since everything else is so hearty.

10. Rich & Hearty Beef Pot Roast with Country Vegetables

If you like beef, and you like it super tender and moist, there are few other dishes that check off those boxes quite like pot roast. A large chunk of beef is slow-roasted in a moist heat so the whole thing is saturated with its own juices at the end, making every piece a fall-apart bite that explodes with succulent flavor. However, not everyone has the time to cook pot roast, and that's why Progresso offers a Rich & Hearty Beef Pot Roast with Country Vegetables for a quick and affordable way to still enjoy the astoundingly tender meal.

The beef broth, which is chock-full of flavor, has potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, green beans, pearl onions, and a whole lot of juicy chunks of beef. The beef is so rich and hearty that the addition of the veggies is necessary to offset it. Every vegetable works together in unison to give you a nice helping of roughage while your salivary glands are kicked into high gear with the morsels of beef. If the carnivore in you is calling out, go with this soup for sure.

9. Traditional Butternut Squash

Whoever came up with the idea to take a butternut squash, puree it, and then serve it in a form that requires a spoon deserves a special accolade. It's so simple and so delicious. Butternut squash has a sweet and nutty flavor that pairs great with so many different other ingredients, but sometimes you just want the flavor of it on its own. That's why Progresso's Butternut Squash option is a great way to get all the delicious flavor of the gourd without anything else to get in the way.

Butternut squash and carrot puree are the two main ingredients here. The soup is super creamy and sweet, which is exactly what you want when approaching a meal with butternut squash in it. Of course, you can add whatever you'd like to it if you so desire, but just the puree on its own is wonderfully bright and satisfying. Best to leave the butternut squash alone and let it do its thing solo.

8. Rich & Hearty Chicken Pot Pie Style with Dumplings

When we think of dumplings, we usually picture the little pillows of pasta stuffed with things like meat and veggies that are present on every Chinese food menu. However, if you consider yourself a soup connoisseur, you know that dumplings can take on a totally different form, as well. And there are few better ways to deliver those dumplings than in a rich soup that has all the fixings of chicken pot pie, which is why Progresso's Rich & Hearty Chicken Pot Pie Style with Dumplings is a solid soup selection to have in your pantry.

The creamy broth has everything you love in a chicken pot pie floating before you in a steamy bowl. You get your potatoes, peas, carrots, celery, corn, and juicy chunks of all-white meat chicken. Of course, the addiction of the dumplings make this a winner. The dumpling is made of spaetzle, the pasta noodle that's popular in German cuisine. The little doughy dumplings are a great pairing with the textures and flavors of all the other ingredients, which is why you should always have a few cans of this on hand.

7. Vegetable Classics Creamy Mushroom

If you're the kind of person who loves all things fungus in their food, then you never pass up an opportunity to incorporate that deep earthy flavor profile of mushrooms into a dish whenever you get the chance. Well, lucky for any fungi fanatic who wants to stockpile a delicious tasting soup in their cabinets, Progresso has a rich and hearty Creamy Mushroom option that'll have your mouth starting to salivate just by looking at the picture on the can.

The great thing about this option (except for the great flavor, of course) is that you can also use it for a ton of other great recipes, as well. The cream base has a whole bunch of diced Portabella mushrooms, and the deep earthy notes hit your palate hard and linger afterwards in the best way possible. But, this flavor can also be added to all kinds of casseroles, beef stroganoff, and even macaroni and cheese! When you buy a can of Creamy Mushroom soup, you're getting a lot more than just soup.

6. Rich & Hearty Loaded Potato with Bacon

As filling as loaded baked potatoes are, they are absolutely delicious, especially when you load them up with as many ingredients as you think your stomach can handle. However, not everyone wants to take down all the starch that comes with a whole potato, which is totally fine. But what happens when you're really craving the taste of a loaded potato? Well, so long as you have a spoon and bowl, Progresso has you covered. The Loaded Potato with Bacon soup hits all the notes you want it to with way less starch.

The chunks of potatoes are super soft, which is a nice change from the sometimes-dry texture you find in a loaded potato delivered to you on a plate. Each piece soaks up the creamy broth, which also has celery and onion in it. And, if you're feeling concerned about their being a lack of cheese, you can take those fears and put them aside. The broth is made using cheddar cheese, so every bite is a powerful punch of rich loaded goodness.

5. Rich & Hearty Lasagna-Style with Italian Sausage

When that tray of piping hot lasagna hits the table, you know a nap is gonna take place not long after you cram down a plateful of it. Lasagna is a dish layered with goodness on top of richness on top of heartiness. It's the kind of food that makes you feel like you're home even if you're out at a restaurant. No one makes a tray of lasagna without a lot of mouths around to eat it. But, one downside is that it takes a long time to construct and then cook, which is why every lasagna lover needs to keep Progresso's Rich and Hearty Lasagna-Style with Italian Sausage in their kitchen.

The soup is exactly what it sounds like: lasagna noodles in a tomato base with chunks of seasoned Italian sausage. The broth, although tomato-based, is still thick enough to do a decent job mimicking marinara sauce. The noodles are plentiful and they have a soft texture — not the chewy or gummy stuff some soups contain. But, the best part of the soup is the delicious pieces of sausage. The protein pairs perfectly with the noodles, and everything comes together in one bowl for a super quick way to get all the amazing flavors of lasagna.

4. Rich & Hearty Chicken Corn Chowder with Pork Shoulder Bacon

One of the reasons why people are so drawn to soup is because of the variety of ingredients you can throw in. You can put virtually any vegetable and protein in and, as long as the base is seasoned well, you're going to have a hot bowl of deliciousness hands down. One of Progresso's best products has a great mixture of sweet corn, potatoes, celery, onions, white-meat chicken, and bacon made from pork shoulder. Yeah, the Rich & Hearty Chicken Corn Chowder with Pork Shoulder Bacon is a can of really good stuff.

All the flavors come together in a hearty chowder that's sure to leave you super satisfied. The corn is sweet and cuts through the heavy potatoes, which are also super tender. But, it's the pork shoulder bacon that requires the biggest nod of approval here. Because the bacon is made of the shoulder of the pig, it has more meat on it than a cut from the belly. The salty chunks give the whole chowder that amazing umami sensation you always want out of a hot dish.

3. Rich & Hearty Broccoli Cheese with Bacon

When you're a child, broccoli is one of those foods that you think is gross. It's too green for those young little taste buds that crave all things that aren't vegetables. However, once you get older, you realize just how awesome broccoli is, and adding it to most meals, including soups, is a great play. Progresso wanted to put a smile on the faces of broccoli-heads everywhere, so they came out with an awesome combination of flavors in their Rich & Hearty Broccoli Cheese with Bacon soup.

Broccoli might be the leading actor in this culinary concoction, but the supporting performances of the cheese and bacon are also worthy of awards. The cheesy base packs a powerful cheddar punch, and the bits of smoky salty bacon add a perfect little explosion of umami richness with each morsel. The broccoli bits add the perfect amount of vegetable flavor to the whole show, and you'll be left wishing you had another bowl after you're all finished with this tasty Progresso soup.

2. Traditional Chicken Cheese Enchilada

So, you're sitting on your couch at home and really want the great flavors of Mexican food, but you're also feeling super lazy and don't want to schlep out to get some. What do you do? Well, if you did your due diligence and thought ahead, you'd have a can of Progresso's Chicken Cheese Enchilada soup in your cabinet to solve the conundrum. All you have to do is pop open a can, pour the contents into a bowl, and heat it up in the comfort of your own kitchen. Problem solved.

The base of this soup is super cheesy, just like you'd want a handheld enchilada to be. The tender chunks of all-white meat chicken taste wonderful drenched in the soup, and the flavors of the green sweet peppers, red bell peppers, and chipotle peppers truly give the soup that genuine enchilada taste. Save yourself a trip to town and buy some of these cans. When it's time to get your Mexican food on, this is an easy and delicious way to do it.

1. Rich & Hearty Three Cheese Tortellini

When it comes to cheese, the more of those flavors you can toss into one dish the merrier. Well, Progresso is a company that understands that people who love cheese will always get down with a cheese-filled soup, which is why they have the Rich & Hearty Three Cheese Tortellini available to scratch that queso-riddled itch whenever it strikes. It's creamy, it's cheesy, you can eat it with a spoon, and, for all those reasons and more, you should invest in it.

Asiago, ricotta, and Parmesan. Those are the three cheeses used in the tortellini, and that's a three-word list worthy of salivation. All of those cheeses blend together beautifully in the delicately folded pasta, and every bite is a sensational smack in the taste buds with a salty and savory combination. The broth is creamy, which is the perfect consistency to pair with the cheese-filled tortellini, and there are bits of spinach as well, so you get a little green mixed in with all that flavor-stuffed richness. All in all, this is the best Progresso soup flavor out there.