Why Instagram Isn't Happy About Sam's Club's BBQ Deals

As we enter into the long holiday weekend, folks are gearing up for cookouts and barbecues with their friends and family. According to Slate, Independence Day is the most popular outdoor cooking holiday in the United States. Though the Fourth of July wasn't officially a federal holiday until 1870, the tradition of cooking large meals in the summer began in the early 19th century by colonists in Virginia. At the time, the celebration was more of a community event than an individual family gathering.

Family-style barbecues became popularized in the 20th century when a new charcoal grill hit the market, per Slate, with magazines encouraging families to shift toward the new trend. This is more aligned with how Independence Day is celebrated today: a backyard full of friends and family, while dad asks the all-too-frequent phrase, "How do you like your burger?" 

And if he's lucky, he scored those burgers on a great deal. July 4th is also one of the best times for companies to offer summer discounts to consumers. But while the deals posted on social media by warehouse chain Sam's Club are labeled "savings," not everyone seems convinced.

Inflation rocks Independence Day

Like most other events in 2022, Independence Day celebrations have been rocked by inflation and grocery store prices make that clear. After Sam's Club posted its Fourth of July sales on meat to its Instagram page Thursday, consumers immediately commented that the "deals" didn't seem like deals at all.

The video shows steaks, hot dogs, and burgers in a cart, along with each item's discount. Steaks appear to be marked around $35, and hamburger patties will cost you about $19. "Does the price cut happen at the register? Those prices look normal," one commenter wrote. "So we will pay what we would have paid 7 months ago?" another pointed out, addressing the severity of inflation.

Although this revelation was highly upsetting to some commenters, it's to be expected this summer. Per the New York Post, beef prices have risen more than 16% this year, causing many families to choose chicken over beef. If, by chance, you do happen to get a good sale, be sure to avoid these mistakes everyone makes while grilling burgers. You'll want to make the most of your beefy deal!