Why Redditors Expect A Starbucks Summer Deal To Cause Drama

Another month, another special offer from Starbucks – and, wouldn't you know, the chain is being annoyingly vague about certain details! Always asking for trouble when you don't spell out the details, as this leaves too much room for expectation (on the part of customers) and interpretation (on the part of the merchant) leading to inevitable disappointments and, well, drama. All Starbucks will say about its "TuesYay" promo is that on every Tuesday in July, Starbucks Rewards members can get 50% off a cold beverage, although it does provide the asterisked codicil that says the offer is one per person, is not available on delivery orders, is not good with other offers, and does not include booze, bottles, or "ready to drink" beverages. (Aren't they all "ready to drink" when served?) However, there still seem to be some questions that may have been left unanswered, at least by Starbucks.

While Living On the Cheap seems to feel that Frappuccinos will be covered, as well as iced coffees, iced teas, and just about anything cold aside from the aforementioned bottled and boozy beverages. The Krazy Coupon Lady provides a very short list of included drinks that appears to be limited to non-caffeinated items such as lemonades and the Pink Drink. A recent Reddit thread discussing Starbucks' new promo found that everyone's just as confused over on that platform, up to and including the baristas who are already dreading what lies ahead.

The Starbucks baristas of Reddit would prefer be absent on Tuesdays

As to the all-important question of whether or not this latest Starbucks offer applies to Frappuccinos, some Redditors felt it would. Others disagreed. But all participants seemed to realize that there'll be hell to pay no matter which way it shakes out. Should fraps indeed be half-off, huge crowds are anticipated as this blended beverage is one of the pricier, yet more sought-after, items on Starbucks' menu. If, however, any given Starbucks store chooses to interpret "cold drinks" as meaning iced but not blended, well, as one person commented, "Let's play, how many people are gonna get pissy if it doesn't apply to Frappuccino's." One barista, however, joked that they already have "Vietnam flashbacks" from dealing with "Frappy Hour" when the drinks were just BOGO, not half-off.

Another potential problem lies with that "one per customer" stipulation. In the words of one commenter, "I am predicting people are gonna throw huge temper tantrums about that." Another anticipates a drive-thru situation in which "all four occupants are placing an order yelling at the speaker, then when they get to the window, four different phones being offered up for payment." With such situations undoubtedly in store, no wonder some Starbucks workers are scrambling to change their availability to "never on a Tuesday." One savvy employee confessed, "i stressed to my manager that i HAVE to do internship shifts on tuesday's for this very reason," adding "my internship doesn't start until october."