Buddy Valastro Is Whipping Up His Own Holiday Movie

Buddy Valastro hasn't always had it easy, but it seems like he's always able to overcome whatever life throws his way. After his mother passed away from ALS in 2017, the "Cake Boss" star had to take a couple of years off filming to grieve and regroup (via Delish). "Cake Boss" was no longer on TLC, but thankfully Valastro was able to make it through that tough period of mourning, and eventually brought his show back to TV, this time on Discovery Family. Then, in 2020, Valastro was injured in a freak accident at a bowling alley when his hand was impaled several times by the machine that sets the pins in place. Thankfully, the latest update on Valastro's injury is that he is 95% recovered.

It seems that even through tough times (like Valastro's legal troubles resulting from a drunk driving incident in 2014), the celebrity baker is able to keep his head up and find solutions to his problems. With that kind of tenacity, it's no surprise that his career is still moving on an upward trajectory. The star has appeared on TLC, Discovery Family, and Food Network, and now he's adding to his resume. It was just announced that Valastro is moving to A+E Networks, for an exciting new production deal to create 60 hours of content featuring the "Cake Boss" star and his family — including a movie (via The Wrap).

Valastro's family will star in a Lifetime movie

Buddy Valastro's deal with A+E Networks includes 60 hours of content, which will be split between several different projects. He'll help develop and star in multiple new shows, several holiday specials, and even a Lifetime holiday movie that will feature Valastro and his family. There's no word on what the film will be about, but considering the fact that Valastro is getting ready to pass the reins at Carlo's Bakery, it seems like the family business is rife with material for a heartwarming holiday film.

Valastro will be an executive producer on all of the shows, specials, and movies he creates with A+E, and in a statement, he sounded pretty excited about the new venture. "I look forward to a long and successful collaboration with the incredible team at A+E and to bringing audiences the shows they crave, as we continue to grow as a business and a family," he shared. Fan of Valastro online seemed happy to hear news of the deal as well. "I watched 'Cake Boss' for a long time now. Buddy is my favorite person there is," one fan commented (via Deadline). There was no announcement made as to when viewers can expect to see Valastro's new projects come to life on their TV screens, so eager fans will have to keep their ears to the ground for more news about the release dates.