The Whipped Cream Complaint That Has Reddit Divided

The desire to eat out at restaurants is a burning urge of many Americans, according to the National Restaurant Association. Indeed, 51% would like to dine in restaurants more often, desperate to contribute to an industry estimated to be worth nearly $900 billion. It would therefore possibly come as a disappointment (and certainly a shock) if one of these eager eaters was to face the unusual dessert design served by a restaurant worker on Reddit.

The Reddit post – which has currently received 18,800 upvotes — reveals that a dessert they served to a customer who had been complaining about his meal resulted in them being fired. But what could be so serious that dismissal was necessary? Was some of the food missing? Or perhaps it was a cleanliness issue?

No, the problem was that the Redditor served the customer a slice of cake with a topping of whipped cream shaped distinctly like a penis. While much of the Reddit community is in awe of the cream penis, some users are criticizing the treatment of the worker.

Some Redditors think manipulating the cream was foolish

Diplomatically called a "beautiful portrait" by one Redditor, the phallic-shaped whipped cream is also described as a "rocket ship." The post garnered many comments with one user calling the employee a "hero" while another observant noticed the complaining customer had three forks, asking "was he hoarding them?" More thoughts include "I assume they didn't leave a tip" and "you used way too much whipped cream." And if you're now wondering, here's what you can do with leftover whipped cream

However, some Redditors don't support the restaurant server, calling them a "moron," "childish," and "extremely unprofessional." Commenters argue they can understand why the worker was fired, blaming them for deliberately provoking the diner. And "easily deserved" is the judgment of one Redditor.

Aside from many euphemisms, Reddit users are discussing employment rights in the thread as well. One describes feeling overworked and underpaid, while another believes that worthy companies are few and far between. "Degrading" is one commenter's simple summary of battling abusive customers, and another wonders why the post is in an anti-work group. "Because this person got anti-hired," came the reply.