A Post About Costco Chicken Has Redditors Writing Rap Lyrics

Picture this: You're walking through a grocery store and catch a glimpse of beautifully seasoned, freshly made rotisserie chicken with crispy skin and an aroma that probably makes you salivate just a little bit. You're not alone — who could resist that smell? These chickens are cooked over high heat on a rotating spit so the bird gets golden all over (via Healthline). But not all rotisserie chickens are the same. Some of them have a cult-like following. Yes, we're talking about Costco's rotisserie chickens, which are also the subject of numerous adoring memes on the internet. 

Costco is very well known for its rotisserie chickens, famously sold under its Kirkland Signature brand for $4.99. Why does Costco only charge $5 for a whole chicken? The answer is simple: Costco actually loses money on these chickens, the price of which has remained the same since 2009. The rotisserie chickens are actually an incentive to get people to shop at the warehouse, and the low price is "subsidized by the fact that shoppers have to pay a membership fee," per Reader's Digest

For most customers, though, the "why" behind Costco's cheap chicken isn't nearly as important as the "what:" nearly a week's worth of tasty meals for an affordable price. At least, that's what you'd surmise from a recent Reddit post about the chickens, which have people writing praise-filled rap lyrics about the product online.

Redditors referenced 50 Cent and J-Kwon lyrics when rapping about Costco's chicken

This week, Reddit u/kermfanman posted a screenshot of a tweet by @adamgreattweet that read, "if by 'picking up hotties at the club' you mean going to costco for rotisserie chicken then yeah I am," titling their post, "You Can Find Me in the Club." The post is an obvious reference to the popular 50 Cent song, "In da Club," and Redditors were quick to pick up on the joke and chime in with some of their own. One user commented, "Bottle full of bub...Yes I picked up a 24-pack of La Croix," while another also referenced the song with the line, "Look mami I got the X...Yes I did get the XL boxer-briefs 4-pack, though that's none of your business." There was also a reference to "Tipsy" by J-Kwon, as one Redditor commented, "Errbody in the club gettin' chicken." 

It surely seems like Redditors love their Costco, rotisserie chicken, and rap lyrics. However, they might not know that there's a new lawsuit accusing Costco of "neglect and abandonment" of chickens in its Nebraska facility. The two shareholders who brought the lawsuit claim that the company "knowingly breeds chicken too large to stand up," per Business Insider. Whatever the outcome of the lawsuit ends up being, no, Costco isn't discontinuing its rotisserie chicken, at least for now.