Did This Customer's Unusual Food Request Go Too Far?

It's not unusual for someone to make a request when ordering food. It could be something along the lines of someone asking for a sandwich without cheese since they are lactose intolerant or extra barbeque sauce for their burger. As long as the request is in the realm of reason, the restaurant will usually gladly accommodate it. But there are people who, perhaps clinging to the old saying of "the customer is always right," make the most complex and often bizarre requests over the littlest things.

Servers on Reddit often have plenty of stories to tell about some of these bizarre inquiries and orders, ranging from children ordering bowls full of ranch dressing, customers asking servers to look at body piercings, and people demanding "homemade tofu." Even in the world of fast food, where weird food items abound, you can find customers whose solicitations are enough to baffle even the most seasoned of employees, like theĀ Chick-fil-A worker who recalls receiving orders for "medium rare" chicken sandwiches and "mac and cheese with a straw" (via Yahoo News). While these can all be said to be very strange orders, what if someone made a request that would usually be considered an insult?

The customer wanted spit in their food

Normally, when you think of someone spitting in food, it's usually to get back at that person for a perceived offense. If a waiter was insulted by a rude customer, there's an unfortunate chance they may expectorate in said customer's dish or beverage as revenge. For one customer, however, saliva is exactly what they wanted.

As theĀ New York Post reports, a waiter by the name of Mitchell Todd claimed on TikTok to have been encouraged to spit in a customer's food at the encouragement of his boss. As Todd explains, the customer was an "extremely attractive man" who flirted with Todd as he ordered his food. While Todd seemed to have no problem with the handsome gentleman, things came to a sudden stop when the customer politely asked if Todd would be so kind as to spit in his food. Although Todd was understandably confused, Todd's boss, a believer in customer service, encouraged Todd to do it anyway. The end results involved the man's food being covered in Todd's spit, a $100 cash tip, and the manager promptly being fired.

While it's thankfully fairly rare for waiters to spit in your food, requested or not, waiters and waitresses have very complex jobs. It's important to treat them with the same respect you would treat anyone else.