Instagram Is Facepalming At Martha Stewart's Fourth Of July Message

As usual, 2022's Fourth of July celebrations featured plenty of red, white, and blue, but this year, the holiday had some feeling more blue than festive. Independence Day is usually a time for hamburgers, hot dogs (and the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest, of course) fireworks, and togetherness. However, for many Americans, the past week has dealt a whammy of bad, even devastating news, including the uncertainty of the future economy and more mass shootings, which, in addition to the Supreme Court's ruling to overturn Roe V. Wade, has left Americans divided on potential solutions for harmony. As one CNN article stated, "The unity for which President Joe Biden pleaded in his inaugural address seems more elusive than ever." With that in mind, it's no surprise that many Americans found themselves feeling less than patriotic this year.

Some Americans took to social media to express their discontent with the country's politics, but one prominent figure is being called out for what Instagrammers seem to feel is toxic positivity when it comes to the Fourth of July.

Many Instagrammers disagree with Stewart's message

Martha Stewart posted two identical pics on Instagram yesterday of her standing at a grill in a blue and white outfit with American flags in the background. In the first post, Stewart shared a message wishing her followers a happy Independence Day, encouraging concord and pride for the country. "We have many blessings to count as we observe our nation's birthday and work together to keep our country strong," she wrote. In her second, more lengthy post, the lifestyle expert reminded followers America is a young country and much work is still to be done, writing, "[I] care about our mutual well being ... I am an optimist who knows and cares that we have to work much much harder than we have been working to cure the ills of the government!"

But many Instagrammers aren't having it. "Not in the mood this year, Martha," one user commented. Another comment, which as of this writing has garnered 141 likes, read "Keep our country strong? Everyone but straight white men have been set back years, and SCOTUS and the GOP are to blame. Read the room." Another disgruntled person compared Stewart to Marie Antoinette: "Very 'let them eat cake' of you, Martha. Toxic positivity is helping no one!"

Meanwhile, another celebrity chef took a different stance in her Fourth of July Instagram post. Padma Lakshmi featured a red, white, and blue cake that read "Separate Church [frosting blob] State." "Not much to celebrate this 4th, I'm afraid," Lakshmi partially captioned the post.