Nicki Minaj Has Added Rap Snacks To Her List Of Barbie Tingz

Nicki Minaj is proving she is indeed a Barbie girl in a Barbie world with her latest addition to her snack playlist. No, TikTok is not freaking out over her shrimp-fried rice again and we aren't clinking our glasses with Minaj's MYX Fusions Moscato. Instead, we are vibing with her and her loyal fans known as "The Barbiez." 

According to MTV, Minaj came up with the nickname and it encapsulates all the people who can sing every word of every song the artist has ever performed. Minaj explained in an interview that the origin of the name of this group is a result of how inclusive this doll has become over the years. Minaj said at the time, "Barbie's been such a staple in our culture that as women, no matter what color you are, it's almost like there's always a Barbie that you can relate to, especially when they made Barbie's that went to work, [and so on]." The "Say So" singer elaborated further stating, "'Barbiez' are more of a movement than a toy reference." 

Minaj, the Barbie of all Barbiez, has teamed up with Rap Snack, according to People, to pay homage to her fellow Barbiez. The entertainer has created a savory, crunchy food that is really a nod to each and every one of her followers who are sharing their excitement on social media.

Fans want these Barbie Tingz

Rap Snacks posted a photo of the recent collab on Instagram and asked followers, "Are you ready to try @nickiminaj's all-new flavor?!" Another Rap Snack social media video post revealed, "This announcement with the 'Moment for Life' Barbie, is the biggest brand partnership we've done since 2016." Just one look at the bag which boasts the signature Barbie pink color with Minaj's image front and center, and you know the Barbiez are going to be on board with this snack.

The debut chip flavor is Barbie-Que Honey Truffle and fans are definitely wanting these "Barbie Tingz!" One of Minaj's devotees wrote, "Never tried these snacks before but I will now." While another caught that there will be more than one flavor, quipping, "FLAVORS?? PLURAL?? OH WE WINNING." Another fan shared, "Bout to buy me a case!!! Drop that ish." 

According to the Rap Snacks website, this is a 100% Black-owned business and in addition to Minaj, the company has partnered with other rappers like Rick Ross, Migos, Romeo Miller, and Lil Baby. Per Afrotech, if you are looking for these new Barbie-Que Honey Truffle Potato Chips to munch on while you listen to Minaj's music, you can find them at Sam's Club, Walmart, or purchase them online.