How To Make Sure Your Green Bean Casserole Is Crispy

Green bean casserole might be a Thanksgiving staple, but there's really no reason you can't enjoy the savory side any day. A traditional green bean casserole recipe is a wonderful complement to many meals due to its colors, creaminess, and that all-important crunch factor.

Accomplishing that ideal crispiness is a key element to successfully pulling off the dish. In successful renditions, the crunch comes from savory fried onions acting as a top layer. That savoriness cuts through the cream of mushroom soup for a nice flavor contrast, too. Soggy onions on top can detract from the experience, converting your casserole into mush. 

So, how do you thread the needle of letting your casserole simmer to a perfect state while also keeping your onion topping from becoming indistinguishable to your palate? Eating Well reveals that the secret is all in the timing and knowing ahead of time how you are going to cook your casserole.

Know when it's onion time

According to Eating Well, the trick is all in keeping an eye on the clock, and the recommendations change a bit based on how you prepare your green bean casserole. If you're using a traditional oven, you should wait until the last 15 minutes of your bake to add your onion topping. Another recommendation for oven users is to add cornstarch or flour to ensure the topping doesn't sink into the casserole.

If you're trying a slow cooker green bean casserole recipe instead, you can forego setting an alarm altogether. When using a slow cooker, you should simply add your onion topping right before you serve the dish. Regardless of the cooking method you choose, your dish will benefit from quality fried onions.

The Mercury News lists Trader Joe's Gourmet Fried Onion Pieces as its favorite fried onions. For those who would prefer to make their own, The Golden Lamb has a recipe to fry onions in an air fryer with some oil, salt, and pepper. Both fried onion options are great for green bean casseroles. Whether you go for the hassle-free option with your slow cooker or prepare your casserole the old-fashioned way in your oven, adding your onion topping at the right time is paramount.