How The Only Costco In Iceland Saved A Redditor

If you're out traveling, you might not be heading into local grocery stores to get everyday necessities. Instead, you're more likely to be enjoying the local cuisine or popping into stores to pick up a snack or two. While it's unlikely that you need to make a Costco run on an international trip, a Costco trip saved one traveler's vacation to Iceland.

Although there's only one Costco location in the county, Costco is incredibly popular in Iceland, and about 70% of residents have a store membership. But this Costco store was also extremely handy for a traveler who came to Iceland on a three week vacation and shared their story on Reddit. In the post, u/seventeen2nds explained that the airline lost all of their luggage for the trip, but they were able to grab plenty of clothes at the Costco in Reykjavik. They said, "It was such a relief to see them 3,000 miles from home. They saved the trip!"

That's certainly a ringing endorsement for the store, and we can guess that the familiarity of the maze of aisles was also comforting after a travel disaster. While Costco is known for their food products, samples, and food court, Costco actually makes $7 billion dollars a year from selling clothing.

What were Reddit users' reactions to this Costco story?

Based on the comments section of this Reddit post, Costco has come to the rescue to solve more than one travel mishap. One commenter said that after they picked up their broken suitcase from baggage claim, they "went straight to Costco to get another bag which we still use to this day."

But another major theme was people wondering about what Costco's offerings in Iceland looked like, with the top comment being about the food court. The original poster said that the food court served "hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, and one of the smallest cups of Americano we served anywhere on the island." In another post on the Costco subreddit, u/devilsbard shared their experience at the Icelandic Costco food court and pointed out that their pizza looks like it has cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella.

If you're an avid traveler and a big Costco fan, there are plenty of Costco locations to visit outside of the United States. South Korea's Costco bakery has treats like strawberry trifle and garnished apple pie, and the photos are sure to make your mouth water.