The McDonald's Swap TikTok Says Is Pure Genius

Whether you're on an hours-long road trip or on the way home from work, hitting the drive-thru for some hot, crunchy french fries is almost never a bad idea. Or at least, most people think so — according to a survey conducted by The Zebra an estimated 42% of Americans reach for the fries as their number one driving snack.

However, as any french fry fanatic knows, munching on the crunchy snack while in motion comes with its own set of challenges. Namely, figuring out how to not spill fry pieces all over your seat as well as keeping your eyes on the road while reaching your arm into the McDonald's bag you placed on the passenger seat. But thankfully, according to a TikTok video shared by user @hellthyjunkfood, there is a solution for preventing french fry fumbles.

In the viral video, the TikToker can be seen ordering a large fry at a McDonald's drive-thru window, only to make one small request: Swap the box for a large drink cup. Although the employees initially seem confused, they grant the TikToker's wish, handing him the cup and gathering by the window to watch amused as they plop the cup full of fries right into the cupholder. "It's a good idea, right?" asks the TikToker before the employees nod in agreement, dubbing the item "travel fries."

Order your fries in a cup for less mess

Although @hellthyjunkfood's trick on TikTok does admittedly rob one of getting a few surprise "bottom of the bag" fries when they get home, it's hard not to appreciate its brilliance. The cup holds all the fries upright without the contents spilling everywhere, allowing for optimal on-the-go eating. Based on the many likes, TikTok is certainly here for the hack with several users calling it "genius" in the comments section. A few even noted the cup swap was reminiscent of a long-missed, defunct McDonald's product called "bucket of fries."

While most people found the trick revolutionary, one user admitted they "didn't get it," pointing out that a regular fry box "fits fine in [their] cup holder." Immediately, a fellow McDonald's fan jumped in and explained that unlike the cardboard box, which has holes, the cup prevents salt particles from getting all over your car. Neat!

Still, some people were on the fence about using a cup as a fry vessel. "I'm a fan of the idea but not hot food touching plastic," remarked one user. Meanwhile, another worried about what will happen when the trend catches on, writing, "Now 'Mickey D' will charge 25 cents more for each cup!"

Of course, while the concerns are valid, for now — or until McDonald's invents something better — we'll consider using this free trick to make the most of our on-the-go fry experience. While we're on the subject, might we suggest the ketchup packet hack to go with it.