The Texas Brewery Putting A New Spin On The 'Water Dog'

When spiked seltzer first became widely available in 2019, it was a nearly instantaneous hit. Brands like Truly and White Claw took the world of summertime adult beverages by storm, and competitor brands quickly followed (via Vox). Fast forward to today, and the hard seltzer trend is still going steady, with a plethora of boozy seltzer brands continually cropping up left and right. The most commonly-found flavors tend to be those that are fruity, citrusy, and refreshing.

But how about meaty? One Texas brewery, Martin House Brewing Company, is turning everything you thought you knew about spiked seltzer on its head. As The Dallas Morning News shares, the Fort Worth-based brewery has been known to play with its food, integrating everything from pickles to M&MS into adult beverages. Now, the brewery's newest creation, aptly named Bun Length, is stirring up a lot of debate, excitement, and confusion due to its main ingredient.

You can have your hot dog and drink it, too

Yep, hot dogs. Martin House Brewing Company has been hard at work tweaking its recipe for an alcoholic seltzer with hot dog meat as its main flavoring. Unfortunately for the plant-based crowd, Bun Length is not a vegetarian-friendly drink. So to make the special seltzer, the brewery is using water leftover from boiling a whopping 52 pounds of wieners (via The Dallas Morning News.)

The meaty seltzer, which boasts a 5.2% alcohol content, is set for a July 2022 release date. And for anyone worried about food waste from those 52 pounds of boiled hot dogs, fear not! Martin House is making good use of the franks by throwing a hot dog-themed party upon the seltzer's release, replete with a hot dog eating contest. While the brewery's latest concoction might be one of the strangest uses of hot dogs you've ever come across, who knows? It could also be one of the tastiest.