Why You Should Add Strawberries To Your Green Tea

Summer is here and while it might be incredibly hot out, there are some pretty cool perks to this time of year. There's swimming, vacations, barbecues, and, perhaps best of all, fresh fruit. It's strawberry season and the sweet red berry should already be a staple on grocery lists in the coming months, but for some reason, if it's not, this iced tea recipe will certainly motivate you to pick up some juicy strawberries the next time you're at the grocery store.

Regarded as one of the healthiest drinks on the planet and loaded with antioxidants (via Healthline), green tea is already a much-loved choice. However, the flavor of the tea can be pretty mild and is often paired with other ingredients to enhance the healthy drink. If you're not a fan of this caffeinated beverage, don't worry, there are plenty of easy additions to tea that make it taste better.

The ultimate Strawberry green tea recipe

A great addition to a glass of green tea is ripe strawberries. The red berry gives the mild tea a tangy yet sweet flavor. Plus, adding strawberries to the tea brewing process has the bonus of turning the tea bright red, making it not only delicious but also an aesthetically pleasing drink.

The recipe for Strawberry sweet green tea is easy to make, serves eight people, and is the perfect refreshing drink. It needs only four ingredients and takes a quick 12 minutes to make. Just grab water, sugar, green tea bags, and, of course, ripe strawberries. Bring the water, tea bags, and sugar to a boil. After two minutes, remove the tea bags and add chopped strawberries to the pot. Boil on low-medium for another five minutes then sieve out the strawberry chunks. Pour the tea into a pitcher and let cool in the fridge for two hours (or if you can't wait that long, put it in the freezer for 30 minutes). Once cool, serve and sip!

Strawberry green tea is best served iced and a batch can be a perfect go-to drink for get-togethers and summer barbeques.