The Outrageous Orders Starbucks Employees Wish They Could Refuse

For many, the day doesn't start until the first cup of coffee hits. From black coffee to iced lattes and anything in between, personal taste dictates what caffeinated drink is your favorite. Luckily, at coffee chains like Starbucks, there are near endless possibilities on what drinks they can make. And for some, that's sweeter than most.

Starbucks employees will indulge customers in pretty much any order the bountiful coffee chain has ingredients for. However, there are a few orders baristas have wished they could refuse to make, especially when the customer's order is outlandish.

Baristas have taken to r/Starbucks to air some of the orders they've received that they did not want to make. The thread started when one Redditor posted about the syrupy drink one of the regulars at the Starbucks they work at orders. The order starts simple enough, a venti coffee, but then delves into the sweet with 23 pumps of liquid cane and 23 pumps of caramel. The coffee is then topped with cream and whipped cream. The sugary sweet order prompted other Redditors to post some orders that they did not enjoy making.

Not-so sweet for Starbucks baristas

Mixing-up drinks that are mainly syrup has some employees conflicted, particularly, about having to serve up a drink that's not on the Starbucks menu with hundreds of grams of sugar. One barista sounded off with the top-liked comment saying, "we should be allowed to refuse to serve stuff like this."

Another user compared their old job working in a pub to their current Starbucks job. The barista's sentiment is that if they were allowed to refuse drink orders at the pub, they should be allowed to refuse orders at the coffee bar. However, a sugar rush is not the same as drinking too much alcohol. A couple of users wrote about their wish to be able to show customers just how much syrup dozens of pumps actually look like in their cup before the coffee is added. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of things Starbucks employees wish we knew.

While 46 pumps of syrup is an undeniably large amount of sugar, Starbucks syrups are iconic and can elevate an otherwise basic coffee. Like the saying goes — "everything in moderation."