TikTok Is In Disbelief That A Costco Item Could Have This Much Salt

Costco is a shopper's destination. There are few places you can go to purchase all-the-rage Squishmallows, a 30-pound container of mayonnaise with enough of the condiment to make sandwiches for a small army, a five-tier wedding cake made of cheese, and make a pitstop at the famous Costco food court where you can get a hot dog for just $1.50. Costco is all that and a box of 60-cups of Pringles potato chips. There's a lot going on at this members-only retailer. And if you forget your Costco membership card during one of your planned or on-the-fly outings, not to worry — customer service will help you out. After all, they want you to have fun exploring and finding all the items they have in stock, not stressing. 

And speaking of Costco exploration, one TikTok user really got into the discovery groove and filmed their shopping expedition, showing off Costco foods that made their followers want to go there. However, when the TikToker showed the salt content listed on the packaging the response to the video went in a totally different direction.

TikToker shared Real Good Foods Supreme Pizza Bowls

Tiktoker @costcogem shared in a video that Real Good Foods Supreme Pizza Bowls are being sold for $15.99 at Costco, and they certainly looked really good. However, as @costcogem pointed out various nutritional aspects of these bowls, followers were quick to notice the sodium content. In one serving, there is 1550 mg of salt, which amounts to 67% of the recommended daily intake of sodium. We know they say salt is the spice of life, but too much salt may lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, or even a stroke, per Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

One member of this community observed, "People really don't check the sodium on the things they eat." While another expressed tempered excitement, writing, "Pizza look good but sorry sodium is too d#$n high 67%  ... are you kidding me!!!" Real Good Foods is known for being low carb as well as free from processed grains and gluten-free but, unfortunately, not low or salt-free. One TikTok user probably summed up the general overall reception to this product with, "Ya im gonna have to pass on that sodium pizza."