TikTok Is Cracking Up Over This 'Truth' About Trader Joe's Cashiers

While Trader Joe's as we know it first opened in 1967, it wasn't until the incredibly popular grocery chain began expanding across the U.S. in the '90s that it started to gain an impressively die-hard following (per Spoon University). The store — which prides itself on selling a host of exclusive products, according to its website — earns "about $13.7 billion in sales per year" (via Business Insider), thanks to shoppers that are dedicated to making sure they do their weekly grocery run with the company. In fact, Trader Joe's fans are so serious about shopping with the chain that there is actually an established group made up of people who come together to drive almost two hours to get their Trader Joe's fix.

Aside from the grocery options it sells, CNBC Make It actually credited a lot of Trader Joe's success to its proactive staff members. The same article noted that Trader Joe's is adamant about choosing hands-on people to compose its stores' teams. And based on a recent TikTok video about the cashiers at Trader Joe's, it seems the grocery store has indeed been hiring the most personable cashiers possible. Although, as revealed in the TikTok, that may not always have the effect the brand wants for customers.

A TikTok exposed the one time super-friendly Trader Joe's cashiers are the worst

Yasmine Sahid posted a video under the username @ladyyasmina1 that was supposed to represent the point of view of someone trying to make a swift grocery run at Trader Joe's. The cashier in the video, however, with typical TJ's friendliness, keeps striking up a conversation about the shopper's day and the products they are buying, making the check-out process go slowly. TikTokers in the comment section were obsessed with Sahid's realistic portrayal of this experience.

One user wrote, "Yesterday, they talked so much I forgot to pay. I got out to parking lot and the cashier had to ask me to come back in. They distracted me [laughing emojis]." Another user who actually is employed with the company stated, "i work at trader joe's and this is so accurate i'm crying." A few TikTokers, however, expressed their gratitude for Trader Joe's cashiers' amiableness. One wrote in reference to the employees, "but they are actually the sweetest."

Despite the inconvenience that a chatty cashier can cause, this system has worked well for Trader Joe's considering its popularity. The grocery store has even extended its product selection outside of the food world. For example, the brand just announced on its Instagram it will be selling sunscreen — just don't expect to get out of the store quickly if you go to buy it.