The Costco Drink That Has Reddit Revolted

According to Food Dive, people are leaning towards healthier grocery options since the start of the pandemic — and of course, stores like Costco have done everything they can to meet the new demands of the food market. Costco in particular carries organic products like Paleo Bars and Dave's Killer Bread to keep up with their shoppers' need to fuel their bodies with balanced nutrition. In order to boost its reputation for offering better food choices, the grocery store chain has even gone as far as adding açai bowls and salad to its food courts' lineup.

With its history of working to offer more nutritious food for its customers, it seems obvious that the grocery store known for its free samples would want to hop onto one of the most popular health trends: green juice. Influencers across Youtube and Instagram seem to always start their morning routines with a cup of cold-pressed greens. The "that girl" trend on TikTok (which is all about becoming the best health-conscious version of yourself, per Bustle) shows that successful people must have two things — a skincare routine and green juice. However, one green juice drink lining Costco's shelves has left Reddit wishing the grocery chain would stick to selling the hot dogs it knows best.

Green Boost seemingly has no fans on Reddit

A green juice drink a Redditor bought from Costco called Green Boost has earned nothing but disgust from users of the website. The Redditor who tried the drink posted two pictures of the green juice to a forum titled "The worst drink I've ever had.. Green Boost." The first picture showcases the drink, which is a light green color. The second image reveals that the juice is composed of pineapple, cucumber, spinach, kale, lemon, avocado, peppermint, and ginger. Redditors were not impressed by this member of Costco's healthier grocery items.

Many Redditors couldn't get over the drink's color. One user wrote "I refuse to drink anything that looks like baby vomit!" Another posed, "Looks like pea soup!" Other users felt the combination of ingredients used to make the drink were anything but appetizing. One posted, "Yah peppermint and ginger sounds awful."

One user on the forum even offered their own green juice recipe as an alternative to the drink, writing, "Any blender Kale Banana Xantham gum Any fruit 8 oz water 8 ice cubes Chia seeds if you want or other additives Perfect, every time." If you're still set on sipping on kale for breakfast, based on Reddit's reviews of Green Boost it may be safest to buy the blender Costco has advertised on its Instagram and try out this Redditor's suggested take on juiced greens.