Crystelle Pereira Loved This Paul Hollywood Behind-The-Scenes Moment

Don't you miss "The Great British Bake Off"? The newest season is on the way, and those who've been paying close attention while watching Season 12 have surely noticed the show's runner-up, Crystelle Pereira. This 26-year-old London baker was born to Kenyan and Portuguese-Goan parents, and loves making Portuguese-Goan food (via The Kitchn). And even though she didn't win "GBBO" Season 12, Pereira is still present on social media such as TikTok, where she posts short videos so her followers can enjoy her cooking even when she's not in the iconic white tent located in the idyllic British countryside. 

The winner of "GBBO" Season 12 was Bristol-based, Italian-born engineer Giuseppe Dell'Anno, who was very well-known for his hairstyle and infectious smile. Yahoo! News reported about some of Pereira's thoughts on Dell'Anno: "He is the most humble, naturally talented, hilarious and genuine gentleman out there. I've felt so honored and blessed to have baked alongside him for 10 weeks."

But Crystelle Pereira has even more "GBBO" stories to share, and some of the most interesting ones are about the show's judges.

Paul Hollywood made a pizza for GBBO contestants

In an interview for Insider, Crystelle Pereira shared a few behind-the-scenes stories from the filming of "GBBO." She says that one of her favorite moments from the show happened one night when the cameras weren't rolling, as evenings are the only part of the day when the contestants could relax and eat together.

Home economist and celebrity baker Paul Hollywood, one of the show's judges, made a pizza and brought it to hungry contestants. Pereira was so happy and couldn't believe that she's going to taste a pizza made by Paul Hollywood. As it happened, she was wondering, "Is this really happening." We can understand, because who wouldn't want to eat a slice of pizza made by Paul Hollywood

Pereira revealed that in the beginning, she was scared of judges Hollywood and Prue Leith, but over time, she realized Hollywood is actually really nice and funny, so there's nothing to be scared about. She even got the famous Hollywood handshake along the way for her terrine pie, which he characterized as "perfection" (via Express). We don't have any doubts that there were many more memorable moments behind the scenes, and maybe we'll find out more about them in Pereira's future interviews.